Birkin Blue Izmir

  1. ive got this in PHW B30! i love this color so much and it is quite eyecatching! u can take a look at my pic which posted at "what's your last purchase" :biggrin:
  2. The only important thing is whether you like it enough to buy it....Since you're asking our opinion, it appears to me that you're not crazy about the colour....Don't buy it if your thoughts are "I'd better take this that I have been offered rather than wait goodness knows how long before I'm offered another" it won't work, you'll regret it. I know because it's happened to me in the past. Of course there are ladies here who adore this colour and others who don't, but ONLY YOU can know whether YOU love it. These bags are too expensive to buy if you're not convinced 200%:JMHO.
  3. I love blues and I love green. I have a kelly 35 in blue hydra (which I thought was the best blue hermes ever made, IMHO) but when I saw bleu izmir, I fell hard for it too.

    See it in person and model it on yourself. That'll help you decide whether the color is right for your personality, style, etc.
  4. i think you should pass...

    i have a SO in raisin togo. in bright daylight it is a nice deep purple which turns into dark brown when indoors. i thought i could live with it since it is an SO... but i ended up not using it much at all and always have a love hate relationship with it... (sell or not sell)

    at this price point, you should be enjoying the bag and not having this type of internal conversation about whether you like it or hate it...
  5. Blue Izmir is a beautiful colour, I would go for the bag.
  6. i have a cobalt sb2 and to me it;s a bit similar to izmir. it matches a lot too.

    but if you're not thrilled with it. forget it.

    although cobalt (on my avatar) was never my color choice i'm surprised it has aged to a deeper color thus making it a nice pop neutral.
  7. If there are instances when you look at it and hate it (e.g. when it looks more green in different light), then I would definitely pass. When it's in a different light and more a blue you love won't compensate.
  8. Definitely agree with others. Go take a look at the bag and see for yourself. I had the same thoughts when I was offered my blue de galice B in PHW but as soon as I saw it I fell in love! There will always be others blues if you decide to pass though :smile:
  9. If in doubt
    Dun commit
    Pass it
    Wait for one that sing to u
  10. I don't think you really like this colour. Please don't settle dear. It's too expensive of a bag for you not to love it 100%.
  11. +1
  12. Well- I have a JIGE in this and adore mu bag and the color
    I would do a Izmir Birkin on this color, too
    It's a rich jewel tone, very intense blue
    I have seen this bag in Izmir on a lady in NYC and it was jaw dropping
    Traffic stopping
  13. BTW DId you see it in
  14. ^ITA

    I think Hermes makes some of the most beautiful colours out there, but it doesn't always translate to a sizable piece of leather on your arm.
  15. If you're having seconds thoughts - pass...