Birkin!!! Birkin!!! Birkin!!!

  1. hi. i just graduated last july and my mom is asking me what gift i want. :yahoo: i told her i want a birkin but i haven't decided what size and color to buy. :sad:

    i'm 5"1 and i look young for my age. what size (30 or 35) and color of birkin do you think is best for me? is it blue jean, potiron, classic orange or black? is there a difference between potiron and classic orange? and i saw a birkin. its color is like brownish tan. what color is that?
    please send pictures if you can. thanks.:yes:
  2. ok since you are tiny i would say size 30 35 would be too overwhelming. potiron is an orange with a lot of brown undertones while hermès orange is a clear bright orange. the tan you are referring to is called "gold" and together with all the colours you aked for the most sought after. but every colour varies depending on the skin used so i would suggest go into your nearest boutique find a sa you click with and take a look at their leather swatches or even better at some accessoires in the leather colour combo you like
    have fun
  3. thanks for the help.:yes: there are no boutiques here in the philippines. but were planning to ask my tita to buy one for me in hongkong. anyway, I have a fair skin tone so what color do you think?
  4. btw, do you have any idea on how much the birkin (30) is? and does the prices vary on what color you buy?:yes:
  5. HI! Birkin 30 starts at about $6850 USD in all colors, but not all leathers.
    There are so many leather/color/hw combos for Birkins. We have a catalog thread at the top and a member reference thread that you can look at to narrow down your choices.
    Good luck finding your dream bag!
  6. Picking your color/leather/hw is the hardest part and yet they most fun. Maybe narrow it down and then we can help you select. Good Luck.

  7. Only you can decide that. It boils down to what colors you like and what would go best with your wardrobe.

    Oh and a 35cm COULD work for you if you wanted to go that route. I have one and it doesn't overpower me at all. I'm 4'11.
  8. based on your description, I would recomend 30 cm blue jean!
  9. i'm 5'2" and for everyday use (going shopping, dinner, movies, hanging out with friends), then I find the 30 is the best size. for work (i.e. if you are going to carry your laptop or files), then the 35 is the best. as far as color goes, it really is a personal preference. any of the above colors would be a wonderful addition to any one's collection.
  10. Congratulations! BTW, I'm from the Philippines, too, but I live in the USA now.

    I think that a black Birkin in size 35 cm is best for you. I'm only 2" taller than you, and I don't think this size is too big. It's a good size for every day, and also to take to work. I bring my 35 cm Birkin everywhere with me! Black because even though you're young now, a Birkin lasts forever, so you want one that never goes out of style. If you'd rather not have black, I'd suggest gold or blue jean, too.

    BTW, what a nice tita to buy you a Birkin! None of mine offered to buy me one, but that's OK--because I :heart: them all very much!
  11. ok tnx 4 ur advice.. :yes: im planning to buy a im really confused on what color to buy :shrugs:
  12. bt do you that birkin in size 35 is ok for a night out?
  13. Another Filipino here!!!! I think the 35cm may be too big for going out at night. At that size it's more tote-like. The 30cm is just right for day and night use.
  14. with "night out" i guess you mean nice restaurant or bar or a fabulous club. well i can just speak for myself but i would find a 30cm birkin in a normal leather just "displaced" there. kind of like jeans to the opera.
    for me it is max a 30 (but in a polished material) for a dinner but for clubbing or bars i prefer clutches or baguette bags maybe a small kelly . much more convenient and also secure
  15. go with what your heart says. noone can take away that decision from you cause youhave to love the colour and wear it! :flowers: