Birkin-Best bang for the buck

  1. For all of you who frequent the Hermes boutique....

    I love to think of the perfect Birkin bag that fits everything I want, but if you had to say what Birkin bag is the "best bang for the buck" what would it be? How much would it go for?
  2. I would say any 35cm birkin in togo or box leather, color depending on your taste. The 30 is kind of small if you want to carry documents or books.
  3. I figures it was togo and you get surcharged if you go with a color leather? (I suppose if it is more rare) This is leading me toward a new thread idea...
  4. In the NYC Hermes where I shop, there is no longer a waiting list, so you get what they have on the floor (unless you are a VIP, of course). I believe the bicolour, vibrato and any fancy variation other than a single color togo or box costs about a $1000 more. For example, I saw a vibrato 35 for $8,100. I believe the usual price for a single color plain leather is around $7000.
  5. Birkinbaby - do you know if they have the 30cm gold with palladium hardware in clemence at the NYC Hermes? I'm in search for one.
  6. I have been there at least 7 times in the past month, and I saw only a 35 orange vibrato in chocolat box leather, a chocolat box 40, and a bicolor chocolat cyclamen in 30 (which I purchased). The orange vibrato was there when I called last Wednesday. It could still be there. Several ladies have looked at it while I was in the store but no one bought it. I will look for you and let you know if I ever see one. I go often, since I am determined to get a 35 birkin in a solid color!

    Also, some on the robbe report message board told me she saw a gold 35 and bought a black 35 while i was away on a business trip. Darn! You snooze you lose! I wish I still worked in Midtown Manhattan, so I could go into Hermes 3 times a day!
  7. Only some leathers (box, Chevre), bi-color and Vibrato are more. Certain colors are not more expensive, like Blue Jean is not more than black. :smile:
  8. that's it. i'm going to move next to a Hermes store.
  9. Birkin-Best bang for the buck?

    One with diamond hardware? That's for sure!!

    ;) ;) ;)
  10. I'm so anxious to hear about your trip!!