Birkin-Best bang for the buck


Mar 9, 2006
For all of you who frequent the Hermes boutique....

I love to think of the perfect Birkin bag that fits everything I want, but if you had to say what Birkin bag is the "best bang for the buck" what would it be? How much would it go for?
In the NYC Hermes where I shop, there is no longer a waiting list, so you get what they have on the floor (unless you are a VIP, of course). I believe the bicolour, vibrato and any fancy variation other than a single color togo or box costs about a $1000 more. For example, I saw a vibrato 35 for $8,100. I believe the usual price for a single color plain leather is around $7000.
I have been there at least 7 times in the past month, and I saw only a 35 orange vibrato in chocolat box leather, a chocolat box 40, and a bicolor chocolat cyclamen in 30 (which I purchased). The orange vibrato was there when I called last Wednesday. It could still be there. Several ladies have looked at it while I was in the store but no one bought it. I will look for you and let you know if I ever see one. I go often, since I am determined to get a 35 birkin in a solid color!

Also, some on the robbe report message board told me she saw a gold 35 and bought a black 35 while i was away on a business trip. Darn! You snooze you lose! I wish I still worked in Midtown Manhattan, so I could go into Hermes 3 times a day!