Birkin Barbie

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  1. She apparently came out in 1995. She is wearing head to toe Hermes leather, with a shirt made out of an Hermes scarf and boots by John Lobb. On her arm she carries her own Birkin in rouge vif Gulliver. It looks like a 5cm Birkin to me.
  2. I was able to snag one of these for my daughter off eBay. I wonder if it's authentic. I thought it was a joke! :wtf:
  3. I love her...the theme Barbie is always so much fun.

    Do you own one HG?
  4. Nope. But I thought someone on here might.
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. I love that Barbie. She looks so Shi -Shi - Chic!! If I get that Barbie, it may be the only red Birkin I'll ever have, and 5cm at that. Better than nothing, =)
  7. That is too cute!
  8. It's good to know that Babs has taste after all. That whole thing with Ken really had me wondering.
  9. That's so cute! I want that mini Birkin!
  10. OMG! that's so CUTE! i wish i have one!
  11. OMG how adorable!!! How much does Hermes Barbie cost??? :love:
  12. Hermesgroupie: "Looks like about a 5cm birkin" Hehe ... That made me smile!
  13. That's so cute! 5cm Birkin, hehehe..:roflmfao:
  14. Hehe.. I love the 5 cm comment, that is one posh Barbie !
  15. That's gotta be the most expensive Barbie ever.
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