birkin bags are made by sew stitching...

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  1. OMG!! This is totally disgusting!:tdown:
  2. i know !! i have no idea whoeva upload that video, but it is unbelievable.!!!
  3. I think this video is uploaded by the employee of DesireMall....

    When me and my friend watch the video, she told me that DesireMall is a company that could make any Birkin bags / Hermes bags in your own dimensions and leather types.

    I do not know how true that is though.
  4. this company has been around for ages, producing lookalikes and fake bags.
  5. If they are stitched like that it shouldn't be too hard to tell them apart from the real thing though..
  6. yea..that's true...... i just dont understand y are ppl doing these?

    i mean does anyone actually contact them and ask them for bags ?
  7. Oh my that was horrible. Depressing actually
  8. Omg That Is Crazy
  9. Fake fake fake!!!
  10. Erm, for money? :P
  11. I remember searching Hermes and I found this video and was completely upset. It's awful.
  12. So atrocious to Birkin bags everywhere.
  13. OMFG!! I just looked at their website they've copied everything, even the Lindy!!:wtf:
  14. Good morning everyone! Desiremall is a seller on ebay who produces non-stamped non branded bags and is very specific about pointing this out. I think they have not been banned from selling on ebay because they are not claiming to be Hermes or use any Hermes logos on their bags, so they are really not trying to fool anyone into thinking they are getting a genuine Hermes item. They even state on their ebay auction -Craftsmanship and details are our only concern, no any logo emboss service is provided.

    I did a search on ebay for 'birkin' and that is how I found this seller, along with about 50 or so other handbag listings with the name 'birkin' or 'birkin style' in the description. I don't think this seller is any different than the others except that they are trying to get you to believe that their 'birkin' is better than the others out there.

    This is unlike some ebay sellers who the wonderful ladies (and gents) of this forum expose as scammers trying to pass off fake branded goods.

    ps-I don't own a desiremall 'kelly' or 'birkin' nor do I plan on buying one, nor do I represent this seller in any way, but I just thought I would add another opinion to this topic. :heart: