Birkin Bag Problem!

  1. I called the Hermes store about getting on a waiting list for a Birkin bag and they said i couldn't get on. How did any of you get yours?
  2. Last time i bought a Birkin they just ordered it for me. My husband and I walked in and ordered it. It only took about a year.
  3. My Birkin 40 black It only took about 8 month.:tup:
  4. Welcome to the Orange side!!

    Take a look around. Start perusing the threads and even go back and check out some of the older ones. There are lots and lot of tips throughout where gals spill how they scored theirs... and in the process you learn so much about the wonderful brand that is Hermes!!

    Thats how a lot of us learned. Good luck! ;)
  5. It is a very variable process but lots of stories here, but I think your husband was very lucky to be able to get a Birkin as a walk-in. I went the reseller route and couldn't be happier but everyone has different preferences, so you need to decide what feels most comfortable to you.
  6. I think it also depends how determined you are for certain colors and leather. My first birkin was purchased by my DH. It was the first H product I ever had and the first time he ever went to the store. It took some coaxing on his part but he was able to bring me home a birkin 35 1st time out the gate. Good luck.
  7. Your post gives me hope, Fleur!!
  8. hi,I just walked in the store and asked if I wanted a birkin how do I do that.They simple said choose the leather the hardware fill in a form and then you have to wait.Then I asked if I don,t have the money if you call, no problem we put it the window and it will be sold in an hour!!I must be a lucky girl if I read all the other stories!
    But if I were you try again maybe there is another sa that day and he or she will say no problem.Good luck
  9. It's a matter of luck really. The surest bet is if you put your name on the waiting list. But since a lot of the boutiques are no longer taking in orders, you can always get it at reputable re-sellers if you're willing to pay the premium price. From my experience, sometimes if you're lucky (your lucky day or you happen to meet a generous SA), you can get one right away. This happens to me when I went to the Hermes boutique at 24 Rue Faubourg (I got a blue jean 30 and rouge vif 35) and the one in Tokyo (vert anis 30).
  10. Hi I know a lot of people on the site get bags from resellers, but I think it would be fine to wait for the bag you want, and get it from the hermes store direct.

  11. Agreed. I know that you have a bit better luck with the smaller stores verses the larger (i.e. NYC, Chicago etc.) because each store only has so many they are permitted to purchase/order. Therefore the order and wait lists are longer in those larger cities.

    You really are at their mercy it seems. I had been calling in months previous checking on availability and was told I would be called if one became available.

    However, when I went in person (as I live a ways from ours) and was able to order the bag I wanted. It arrived in about 15 months because they only go twice a year to pick up and place orders. I learned a great deal about the process in which they are crafted and how few are actually put out there from the sale associates and store owner. Which I might add were wonderful to work with.

    If you are really serious...try asking if you are able to prepaying or put a deposit down on the bag. However, only do this in person and get your paper work in order for it.
    Good Luck!

  12. Lately I have seen a few just sitting on the shelves. Just go to the boutiques and look around. Be persistent.
  13. Haute where did you see them on shelves?
  14. Like Haute, I have seen a couple on the shelves in the past few months, however, they don't last long! One was snapped up while I was in the store. Both were not in sizes and/or colors that appealed to me, so, I think it is also important to know what you are after (as others have suggested).
  15. Now that I've scored the Birkin I agree with the manager I dealt with when he said that it is all about timing. I called 2 stores and said I was sending my brother in to introduce himself. My brother told them what I was looking for (I was not picky!) and said he could come in as soon as they called. The managers said to show up when the stores opened as well to increase chances.