Birkin availability in Italy?

  1. OK, as a relatively new PF member, I must confess I have fallen into the vortex of the Hermes obsessed. I have read every possible birkin related thread and can think of nothing else! I do not live near a Hermes Boutique. I have visited only two. Madison Ave and St. Barts.
    No reason to be placed on a waiting list, due to difficulty in picking up bag after the requisite months to years wait!
    In June, we have planned a family vacation to Italy. We will visit Rome, Venice and Florence. What are my chances of running across a Birkin (30) to my liking ( I love them all) in one of those cities. Also how would customs effect the final price if I do find one? Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Not very good news for you I'm affraid; I live in Rome but the chances of finding a Birkin in the store that isn't preordered are next to ZERO.. If you don't preorder (then the average wait is 3/6 months, which seems less then outside Europe) You have to be VERY lucky to find one... but having said this, you should definately go into all the Hermès stores you come accross and just ask, you never know... There are Hermès stores in all major towns and also in trendy vacation resorts, so if you're travelling around, you should see quite a few.

    As far as prices are concerned, they are cheeper here than in the US, to give you an example, a 35 Togo Birkin was 5000 euro about 1 month ago. As for tax refunds, yes you do get one if you purchase goods here and go back to the US ( I don't know how it works if you buy a bag here and then you go to other European countries before going back to the States...) Anyway, hope this helps, if you have other questions, you can PM me if you like...:biggrin:
  3. Welcome!
    I have heard it's easier in Europe but you may have to visit the boutique several times to be offered one. You'll probably find at least one Kelly, but the Birkin will still be tricky.
    Not sure about customs rates but you'll be eligible for a VAT tax refund which will make any bag purchase come out to much less than in the US.
  4. Thanks for the help ladies. It doesnt sound to hopeful for the birkin. But as you said, it never hurts to ask. The difficulty is my inability to make numerous visits courting the sales associates. If there is a Kelly available, I think I had better grab it, as you said. It is also a gorgeous bag and I would still consider myself very fortunate if I find one! Thanks
  5. Sellmysoul, the Kelly is an amazing bag and, yup, I'd grab one if I were you. Also, once you have a Kelly and bring it home, you may have an easier time getting a Birkin from a store in the states.
  6. If you can add Milan in your Italy trip, that might also help to visit the store there.
  7. I went to venice in March, the Hermes store is closed for renovation. I am not sure when they will re-open. So if u do plan to try the Hermes at Venice, make sure they are done with their work.
  8. thanks for the "heads up" about renovations at the Venice store! I'll check before I go.