Birkin As A Work Bag??

  1. OK Ladies, I need your input here. Does anyone use a birkin as work bag / briefcase? I take mine to the office every day (except the last Friday of the month when we go to the pub & I don't want to risk any ale accidents!). I'm even going to ask my accountant to get a tax dep't ruling on depreciation, seeing it's a work briefcase! I thought if I used it every day then in terms of $ per wear it is good value, LOL!.

    My concern is that one of the corners is slightly scuffed after only a couple of mths. :sweatdrop: I'm worried that this daily use will wear it out too quickly, even though I try to be very careful with it. I'm not planning to get any more birkins for quite a while (that's the plan, anyway...). On one hand i agree with the idea of using these bags.....and on the other hand i want to keep my bag nice. I am not a big fan of the floopy, BTW. I like mine to stay stiff, which is why i bought fjord. Does anyone else find themselves in this conundrum?
  2. You need a GP, J.
  3. I take mine to the office everyday. I travel with my laptop in it. It's getting pretty beat up, but I don't mind. It's still holding its shape. I have a togo. Let me know what you find out about tax depreciating your bag. LOL!
  4. I take mine to work with me. However, I like to match outfits so I carry a Birkin once a week or so.
  5. Why not use the Birkin once or twice a week and supplement the other days with another bag? It will definitely save on wear and tear but you still get to routinely enjoy your Birkin. My suggestion for another work bag might be a GP or even a larger Plume.
  6. I would also advise for a GP as an everyday work bag and not shlepp the Birkin to the office everyday.
  7. Xquisite, I love your fjord birkin...just use it and enjoy it and plan to send it to the spa at some point. Unlikely it will lose its shape; it will probably just get perfectly supple. A GP is good, too, but you may find that you use it a lot more than your birkin because it's so easy--that's what I've experienced, and BTW, a leather GP IS floopy. :yes:
  8. I think it all depends on the circumstances.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Hmm...Maybe i'll take another look at the GP. Or what about Victoria FT??
  10. I carry my Birkins often to work but don't put my laptop as the bag gets quite heavy.
  11. I agree that you should get a GP and you can always carry your birkin a couple of days. If you want to preserve your birkin then definitely cut down. GP are very nice!!
  12. I carry my birkin to work some days... but couple problems I find for me personally are:
    1) When I'm on the bus and its birkin has no where to hide and she gets bumped right and left.
    2) When its raining (which happens 70% of the time) my contents will get wet unless I close the birkin (which then becomes impossible to access)
    3) The handles are a little short for everyday work bag
  13. Hey xquiste: you should try on the Victoria FT....I just got one and I think its a perfect alternative to a birkin as a work bag!
  14. I was waiting for a post like this. I wear my bags only on the weekend when I'm out with friends, or shopping. Tomorrow I well be wearing it to school in to a interview. What do you guys think about wearing, it at school need I add its a high school!!! Lol