Birkin and scarfs~~~~

  1. HI Ladies,
    Do any of u using scarf(s) to round up the handle of the bag that to decorate or even protect its against the stain ,i just got my new birkin which is in light grey ,i just heard from th salesman from hermes said its the new way to "protect "its.

    If so,i do apperciated if any of u could upload some pics for my reference,THX so MUCH!!!!
  2. There are a bunch of photos of bags where people have done this, at least with the kelly. It can look very cute.
  3. thx but where i can see those pics?
  4. Here it is on a Kelly handle. I don't know how this was done.

    Unfortunately I don't know whose picture this is. I just copied it to try with my bags. [Haven't yet.]
  5. thx all of u~~~~
  6. ^^ I think that was Rose's Kelly.