birkin and Paris

  1. I must share this with you :crybaby:

    I was in Paris 2 days ago. I was so excited...On the way to Faubourg i got lost:crybaby:

    When I finally went there I start looking for a SA in the bag dept.:crybaby:
    An asian lady arrived just 10 seconds before me.
    The SA told her they had several birkin. One in black box 35. One in chocolate box 35. One in swift black 35.
    The lady tryed the choco one...I wanted it soooo badly...she got it.

    So I start thinking i could go for the black, but suddently she sayd her housband wanted to see the black:wtf:
    So she ended to buy the black and the choco.
    Next was my turn. I was shoched. He showed me the black swift. But I declined it. Than he showed me a choco box kelly 35, but it was too big for me.

    I was so sad. If only i didn't get lost!!!!:crybaby:
  2. How frustrating!! Three Birkins, WOW. Chin up, better luck next time:heart:
  3. Ugh, that sucks!!!! I cant believe the lady got both the choco AND black!

    Don't worry though, sometimes it's better not to "settle" for a Birkin and wait for something you really want
  4. Sounds like it wasn't meant to me. You will get something BETTER next time.
  5. What a hog!
    I hope you can go back another day and get the one you want! Don't settle!
  6. don't worry, your dream bag will be there soon.. it sucks though... .i would have thrown a fit.. hehehe..
  7. Aww.. what a pity! What day did you go and around what time of the day? Perhaps they could have more choice earlier during the day given you happen to be there when there's a recent shipment?
  8. Some things just aren't meant to be and I believe things do happen for a reason. Your dream Birkin is still beckoning you to find her!
  9. I don't think the lady could have possibly bought both the choc and the black, although its possible that she put both temporarily on hold to think about them for a few hours. There is a rule, at least as far as Hermes in France is concerned, that you are only permitted one birkin and one kelly per year. Your name goes into their database and every time you make a purchase, your previous purchase history pops up.

    So at least one of those lovely bags must have been left behind!

    It's a pity that you didn't like the black swift, though - such a gorgeous bag, and practical since the scratches rub right out, too! But at least you're holding out for your dream bag. Don't worry, if you visit FSH enough, that bag will find you!! :smile:
  10. Yes there seems to be a rule regarding the number of bags permitted to be purchased... one birkin, one person per year. However since this lady bought along her DH, there are 2 people = 2 birkins.

    Costa, I don't know how long you will be there (when my friends are there, they are in Hermes everyday!!??) but keep going back as they may have new deliveries in. Good luck!!!
  11. hmmm....i had the opportunity to purchase 2 birkins last december at the FSH store, but ended up buying only one. i returned the following day and the same SA asked me if i still wanted to purchase the other birkin.
  12. Dunno man... the rules seems inconsistent... maybe it applies only the different customer?? For sure my obsessive friends receives the "rules" messages from the SA (maybe because they seemed so obsessive)... but then again, maybe it depends on the SA also??
  13. I thought of that, too. There are also, upon reflection, plenty of ways to circumvent this rule other than dragging one's husband along to make the second purchase, come to think of it. It just depends on how wary the SA is in the end.
  14. I think the rule exist. In fact the SA looked in the computer before saying yes. And I think it was 2 pople-2 birkin.
    Sooo unluky:crybaby:
    I was there just for two days- friday and saturday- but the SA told me they don't recive new bags on saturday and I get there on friday afternoon.

    I can't belive I made a wrong turn in Faubourg.... Just 10 seconds..:hysteric:

    Is box getting harder to find?

    I think I could go there hundred times more and never find box again:crybaby:
  15. Don't worry, costa. Box is not impossible to find. I've been going there nearly every single day for about (OMG!) 2 weeks and every few days there is a shipment of birkins and kellys, in box and other leathers. There have even been some days when I've seen 2 - 4 box birkins there at the same time, for example. It's just that these bags just fly right out of the stockroom once they arrive. Just keep going back if you can.