birkin and kelly someday on

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  1. #1 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    in an article in women's wear daily on monday aug 11th entitled "riding a rising surf;accessories brands boom in e commerce" there is an interesting section on hermes. direct from the article i am quoting the following;

    for hermes, which currently counts silk accessories as its best selling e-commerce category, with the u.s. its number-one market, online business is advancing by 50 percent each year, according to charles-henry leroy, director of the brand's client relations. "it's evolving first because we are offering more product lines and openings in an increasing number of countries," he said, adding that he can even envisage the day when the brand's elusive birkin and kelly will be available to order at the click of a mouse. "the problem is that we already have delivery problems in our stores. we only have 2000 craftsmen with two hands each and we don't want to disappoint our online customers-especially for those two lines of handbags."

    hermes chose to lauch its first e-commerce site in the u.s. in 2002-long preceding its corporate site, which only launched this spring- offering mainly silk accessories and fragrances. "our business growth in the u.s. over the past five years has proved the internet a good distribution channel," leroy said. last year the brand extended its e-commerce site to the u.k. and germany, with further openings in western europe and asia planned for this year.

    a fuller range of silk accessories has since been added online, along with watches, canvas bags, silver jewelry, leather belts and bracelets. "we're taking it step by step. shoes will likely be added in the near future, and handbags will certainly come one day," said leroy.

    above is exerpt from the article, typed ever so slowly by me. just thought we should all know that the future looks promising for online purchases!! yippee.:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for sharing Tesi
  3. Yes, thanks for sharing!

    But I'm of two minds about this. While I'd love to be able to buy a bag at home in my jammies, the H experience is all about the hunt -- either walking into your favorite boutique and seeing something on the shelf that makes you gasp or strategizing, ordering and waiting for that perfect bag to come to you. A lot of the mystique (and I don't just mean the exclusivity factor of H) will be lost if you can buy a Kelly the same way you buy books from Amazon.
  4. It would certainly make life an awful lot easier! I know a lot of purists would probably say it would dilute the exclusivity of the bag, but I would be really happy if I could order exactly what I wanted, whenever I wanted...
  5. Wow just imagine that day!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  6. That's why Hermes can increase their prices...look at the demand!
    I don't blame them...I think I would too.
  7. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks, Tesi. At least, bring the online store to HK...
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