Birkin and Custom.... am i spending too much?

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  1. I had my tax refund done at sydney airport.. while the custom officer processing my tax refund he was shocked! and scream out " WHAT? this bag worth 10K?? OH MY GOD WHAT IS THE DEAL?" and everyone behind the queue was looking at me... I was like " errr" ( can you shut your mouth)..

    and another officer immediately said " is it a hermes?" "oh I know this brand, is it Birkin or kelly?"

    I said " it is a birkin"

    Officer " oh what color? lovely!! how long have you been wait? is this your dream color?"

    then we started chatting about birkin.. but after the whole process. the ppl was still looking at me from the queue with those funny/ shocking face that I spent 10k on a bag!!

    Am i too crazy??
  2. All of us here are crazy. CRAZY over HERMES and will go out at all costs (well, not really) to get what we want.:yahoo:
  3. Yeah it's sad. I don't dare tell anyone that is not crazy into bags like we are here that I would spend thousands of dollars on bags. They would think I need my head examined and check me into a psych ward!! Thats why tPF is sooo great!! We are ALL in the looney bin together!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  4. You are so right, Moviegirl. There is really no place on earth where I can enjoy Hermes as much as I can freely here. I recently confided in a tPFer that IRL, owning a Hermes Kelly or Birkin in full knowledge of friends who are aware of its price tag brings alot of gossip and stress. And my husband was also stressed or rather distressed by the attention the bags bring. :Push:
  5. i told my mothers boyfriend when i visited briefly and toted my Birkin around that i spent $10k on it and he thought i was joking. when my mother shook her head, his eyes widened and he wound up chauffering me EVERYWHERE in order to protect THE BAG because he thought someone would recognize it and steal it from me. :roflmfao:
  6. ITA!!!! When I got my first Kelly, I wanted to take her out everywhere! He freaked when he saw I was about to take her out to Target! He said "Uh no way in hell are you taking that bag out to the store AT NIGHT!!" I didn't see the big deal bc the bag is very understated but I guess he was nervous about the price tag. Never in a million years would I tell my family and esp HIS family about my crazy obsession for bags. I think he's afraid too, esp bc he knows he'll get sneers and criticisms for spoiling me.:shame: We are about to go to Paris in Nov. and he's already asking me what would it take to make me happy bc the birkin question came up. Yes, I am in serious need of some purse therapy!!! But how can you be in Paris and NOT purchase a birkin if its the right color, leather and hardware!!!:crybaby:
  7. Nod nod. Moviegirl325, you're so cute! :lol:

    I agree. Only forums and a handful of friends can share this H craze with me. Just last evening, I overheard a conversation between my husband and his friend. His friend was asking how on earth he allows his wife (me) to purchase such expensive purses. :noggin: I am SO freaking lucky that I'm not married to his friend.
  8. I never discuss how much my hermes worth to my friend they will think i am crazy!! They just dont understand how special is the birkin!!
  9. Chloe...I am mad at them at customs...they should not scream that out! Someone could really hurt you because of it. Shame on them.

    Now that you are safe...ENJOY THAT BAG!!!!!
  10. Chloe, the same thing happened to me at CDG airport in Paris.

    I mean, it's frigging Paris for heaven's sakes where Hermes was born?!! I was smart enough to send my poor long suffering DH to get the VAT refund. :graucho: The lady behind the counter choked when she calculated the tax she had to refund us for 2 Kellys.
  11. By the way, what percentage is the VAT refund in Sydney and in Paris?
  12. Since we are on this topic...can you answer a few questions for me?

    If you purchase a 30 togo birkin in Paris how much will you end up paying in total after you get your VAT back? (what is the total savings from purchasing in the U.S.?)

    How about a 32 togo Kelly?
  13. The tax refund from Hermes is 10%, so you end up paying Euro4500 - Euro450, which is Euro 4050 for the 30 Togo Birkin.

    However, some of the tax refund agencies charge a service charge, so you might end up paying slightly more than that.
  14. Ladies, I am always amazed at this attitude on the part of others toward things like Hermes or anything else that *someone else* just does not it a nice new home, jewelry....a 200 acre farm with horses, a new $900K automobile....a private island home....just name it.

    Just "how much" are you "supposed to" pay for a handbag? A car? A home? the groceries? shoes? Who sets this standard, anyway? Guess who? YOU DO! It's your life, your money, spend it as you wish....or not, it's up to you.

    When it comes to the bottom line, it's only money. It's not your soul ( although Hermes can make our souls sing and our eyes sparkle!) I just don't understand other's attitudes. I've always loved being able to afford the things I have, I've always felt this way, from childhood....I deserve it.

    Chloe, I'm sorry you felt bad at customs:sad: , and you, too, Birkingal and that's the point of my post. It got me stirred up that you were mistreated. These people did not behave with class. They should have made no comment, but, people do. And I'm very glad you got through just fine with no problems. As for carrying Hermes to a dept store at night, why not? It's a part of your life, like underwear and shoes.
    Chloe, It sounds like you handled the situation with style and grace:yes:

  15. Lmao :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Btw, I'd hate to tell anyone the price of my handbag. The look on their face really makes me feel GUILTY :s