Birkin Adventure in Hawaii~~ Reveal~


Jun 30, 2008
Nor Cal
Hello Ladies & Gents,

I was in Honolulu with the family for the Thanksgiving weekend, one of the most important thing in my to do list is hunt down a birkin in Iris. Anyone here want to hear my story? Hee hee. :yahoo:

First day (Thanksgiving day) - Right after breakfast, I went to Hermes located in Royal Hawaiian Center because the one located inside the mall was closed for Thanksgiving. I walked around the store and a SA came and asked am I looking for something special. I said yea, do you guys have any birkin. Of course she said No sorry and then she walked away. So I went back to the hotel and enjoyed the sun & the beach. We made dinner reservation at 7:00pm, we still have some time, so we decided to go Hermes and try our luck again. The stock is exactly same as what we saw in the morning, another SA asked if there is anything he can help us, this time I took a look at the key holder but they didn't have the one I want and then took a look at the Jypsiere in Iris, the more I look at the color the more I want a Iris Birkin. Then I asked the SA do they have any Birkin, he said No we haven't received any Birkin for awhile, then he asked me what color I'm looking for, I told him I want 35 Togo in Iris. He said Iris is even more harder to come across but still have chances and then he asked us when are we leaving, we answered his questions and then left the store with huge disappointment. This is how I ended my first day of Birkin Adventure in Hawaii.

Second day - I went to both Hermes back & forth during the day, but also got same old answer. I almost wanted to give up but my hubby cheer me up.
After dinner, it was still a bit early, so my hubby decided to go Hermes again. Once we stepped into the store, the SA we met last night told us there's a 35 Birkin in Gold on the shelf, I immediately look at the direction he pointed, but two japanese ladies were looking at it. I kept telling myself to calm down, cuz that's not the color I want and I look horrible with brown color. But it is a Birkin and is different. While I was waiting, the other SA told me that I have to get it if I have the chance because Gold is such a classic color, we chatted with the SA a lil bit, the other SA in the store also said Iris Birkin is nearly impossible to get. Then I discuss with my hubby and decided, if they don't buy it, we will get it. I waited in store around 10 mins, but the ladies were still thinking, I forgot how long we waited, but ended up the ladies decided to get it. And then My SA told us to go back tomorrow. I left the store with huge disappointment once again. This is how I ended my second day of Birkin Adventure in Hawaii.

Third day - We went to Hermes around 10:30am. I did not expect I could get anything because they just sold a Birkin last night, plus according to my SA, it was reserved by a customer but she didn't want it, so they released it back to public. So I doubt they would have another one for me. I was right, no Birkin on the shelf. And my SA was helping another customer, I said Hi to him and waited for him to finish with another customer, so I can ask him if there is any chances today. After the customer left, my SA disappeared, when we see him again, he was holding a BIG ORANGE BOX and told us to follow him to a corner of the store. I was sooooo happy and followed him to the corner. He didn't tell me what color the birkin was, he just opened the box and showed it to me.

Sorry for the long story. Do you gals & guys want to guess what color I ended up with? Hee hee hee. :graucho: