Birkin 50 or HAC 50 price

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  1. Hey do any of you guys out there know the current price for the birkin 50 or hac to in usd?? I would really like to buy one but would like to know price first and is price different if you get it in a different color or hardware is gold or silver?
  2. I know the 50 HAC is 16k AUD. Theres never "exact prices" so to speak because prices vary from country to country.
  3. if you are in the US, the easiest way is to look up a store closest to you on and ask for the price directly.

    birkin/hac 50 are not highly sought after and i am sure the SA would be happy to help you. the prices will vary slightly depending on the leather.
  4. just a tip. 50 HAC or Birkin are both too large for daily use. you might want to consider that.
  5. 11K before the inc for a 50 birkin
  6. A lot recent magazines have spreads of male models carrying Birkin HACs as a part of a look, I guess 'the birkin for the man' is slowly becoming a trend now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.