Birkin 40 or bigger

  1. Hi!

    I just would like to ask how much would a Black Togo PH Birkin in a size 40, 45 or 50 cost? Or what leather would be best for a Birkin that big. I have tried to search but couldn't find any price info...

    And has anyone shopped at Hermes in Stockholm? Will it take forever to get a Birkin from there?

    I'm so hooked to Hermes! And I want a Birkin so badly. I know I'm a guy but I think they look really good on guys too IF you wear it correctly... And it would suit my style really well... I just have to start saving up for a Birkin :wlae: :roflmfao:
  2. Do they make 40cms in chevre? i would really love to have one of those:nuts: :heart: :heart:

  3. It is nice to see that there are more guys out there that want a birkin!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Hi Juzuxel,

    The lucky thing for you is that NYC H almost ALWAYS has Birkins on the shelf in those sizes...I've seen the blue jean, gold, and black more times than I can count. Yesterday they had a natural as well. Knock yourself out and enjoy!:yahoo:
  5. How about the price?
  6. No one knows? How about the leathers then... Which would be the best option for Birkin that big?
  7. I bought a 40cm Birkin last Spring in Italy, and payed 5460 euro, if I remember correctly. It's Taurillion Clemence in dark brown called Ebene. It's a very durable textured leather and very soft to the touch. Also I find it a particularly unisex type of leather. You're in Europe right ? Prices have gone up a bit since January 1st, so now it may retail around 6000 euro, maybe a bit less: I was told that prices have gone up 8-10%.....HTH
  8. Yes, but these are rare.
  9. $8050 in the US last year, so with the price hike, it's probably up to $8500 or so. HTH.
  10. omg HG i would love to own one!!! thanks so very much
  11. I like a guy with a Birkin.. Only if I were MUCH older, and had MUHC more money, I would get a birkin. Hee. I like a black togo one with PH. And I would wear it with a polo tee, khakis and leather thongs... ahh. The thought of that makes me swoooooooooooooooooooooon...
  12. Yes I live in Europe... I have to start to save up for a Birkin... My mom would probably kill me when she would hear how much a Birkin costs but knowing her she would start to beg to let her use it.. :smile: I just love big bags. I dress somewhat different so it would suit my style really well. I just hope a 45 wouldn't be more than 8000 euro.. But the 40 would be a good size too, although I'm pretty tall (193,5 cm)
  13. ^OMG. 193.5cm!! That is realllllyyyyy tall!!!! Gosh. I feel like a midget, and I'm 180cm!
  14. A man wearing a larger bag of means is incredibly stylish. Of course you could pull it off, and credit is due for your bravery looking outside the box!:smile:
  15. the Birkin 40s we had when we opened were all $8200