Birkin 40 CLUB

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Jan 27, 2011
I have made a search if there's a club for Birkin 40 owners and couldnt find one, so decided to make thread for all Birkin 40 owners to put in their experiences carrying it and also to whomever who wants to know all about B40.
I hope all B40 owners could contribute how you use your B40, how you match the bag, what leather is your B40 or make a comparison with your other B (for those who have). I hope this thread could provides as many info as possible for those future B40 owners AS I find B40 has been neglected somehow or rather.:biggrin: IF YOU HAVE A MODELLING PICS WITH YOUR B40 is even better! TIA

I will put in mine first (pic will load in later though). I have a B40 Epsom Gold. At first, I thought I always wanted a bigger bag mainly for travelling use therefore despite knowing the bag could be heavy, I still buy it. However, from TPFs, the 30 and 35 seems to be the most popular size, then I started to have doubts if I have made a mistake. I still use the bag everynow and then though and I hope with this thread, I will content with my B40:biggrin: BTW, I dont know if this bag is consider heavy as I used to carrying bulky heavy bags:lol: I hope with more B40 owners input, it would help me to make full use of this bag.
Not open for further replies.