Birkin (35cm) or HAC (32cm)?

  1. H experts, I would like to know the pros and cons of the Birkin versus the HAC. Is the HAC too boxy? Is it easier or harder to find than a Birkin? TIA! :smile:
  2. My issue with the HAC is the size of the handles, as they are smaller/shorter than Birkin handles. I like the idea of being able to wear it on my lower arm with a coat on, and a HAC doesn't allow for that (at least with me!) :smile: The overall design is just as nice as the Birkin in my opinion, though! I kinda like the added height!
  3. My SA told me that Hermes produces the HAC in smaller quantities than the 30cm/35cm birkin. However, there is no "waiting list" for HACs as HACs as not as popular as birkins, so as and when the HACs arrive at the stores, they are available on the shelf.

    To answer your question, HACs are rare (less produced)... but easier to get (no waiting list)....
  4. To answer one of your questions, the HAC is actually LESS boxy than a 35 Birkin: 35 Birkins are more square and 32 HACs are taller and less wide. This results in an optical illusion that makes the wearer look taller and thinner. That's one of the things I love about the HAC.

    There are also several sizes of HACs and they sometimes tend to get grouped together when referring to them - the handles are shorter on the 28 for example, so that's not an ideal comparison. But the handles on the 32 are really long enough to be able to be carried on the crook of most people's forearm except with a heavy winter coat.

    The HAC is also more streamlined from the side, making it less likely to bang into things like 35's have a tendency to do. They're also a little more rare and I like that about them. As was pointed out above though, not as many stores order them (several of the boutiques in the US at least don't order any), so sometimes they're harder to find.

    Overall, I personally love both sizes equally - each has some advantages and disadvantages - I probably couldn't pick one over the other. A lot depends on your personal perception of the 2 sizes: if the 35 is a little bit large on you, you may like the 32. Ideally it would help if you could try on both sizes - I know that's difficult, but it's probably the only way to know for sure what works best for you......

    Sorry so long!!:smile:
  5. ^ITA. The HAC has a slimming effect on the wearer because of its north-south orientation.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the great information! Is the HAC appropriate for a fuller figured bag fanatic? What is the price difference (if any) between the Birkin and the HAC?
  7. Ladies correct me if I'm wrong but the HAC 32cm is a tad less expensive than the 35cm Birkin.
  8. HAC's start at 7500 for the togo's as of September 2006 pricing. I don't know how much it went up with the price hike.
  9. I wonder what leather the pink one I tried was...I was told it was $7,400 about three weeks ago :confused1: