Birkin 35cm & 40cm handles

  1. Is there a big difference in the drop length of the 35's and 40's? I had a birkin 35 and the handles fit on the crook of my arm comfortably, I would like a 40 but i am not sure if the handles will fit my arm, I am 5'5 and 144lbs. Thanks
  2. I don't think there's a big difference in drop length as much as there is in the width between both sides. Get what I mean? The larger the bag, the wider the handles are spaced apart, so they do appear roomier. But I just measured my 35 vs. my 45 and the height is the same. But I could swing that 45 on my shoulder.
  3. same here. I havent really felt any difference. I have both 35 and 40 and dont really feel a difference.

  4. i think the 40 handles are just a tiny schmidgen longer to be in proportion with the bag, but not much, very tiny. i think it would be ok.
  5. maybe....but in general there is not a big difference...BUT if the 40 cm birkin is clemence the handles tend to stretch out much more then with a 35 clemence...I will try to upload comparison pics later. now on my way to find a proper cam:roflmfao:
  6. Here are 2 photos for birkin size comparisson of a 35 (natural sable fjord), 40 (chocolate togo), and 50 (gold vache liegee).
    birkin_35_40_50_a.jpg birkin_35_40_50_b.jpg
  7. wow, that is very interesting, JH!
    and may I say, natural sable fjord is just beautiful....
    great comparison shot on so many levels......

  8. oops, huge photo!!!
  9. Thanks Cobaltblu your bags are gorgeous and there isn't really a big difference. Thank you all for your help now I need to find one.
  10. I love your bags, JH! And I agree with CobaltBlu. Natural Sable Fjord is gorgeous! So neutral .... so clean cut ... :yes:
  11. djsmom, I don't think there is a huge difference either. But one thing I am positive about is that heavier leathers will put a drag on the handles, and over time, they stretch out. So for example, if you have a 35cm Clemence and a 40cm Epsom. Over time, the handle drop of the 35cm Clemence will be a tad more than the 40cm Epsom.
  12. Wow, JH, how did I miss this?
  13. I dont have a 35cm yet to compare with my 40cm but I know for sure that 40cm handle can fit under arm, as I do most of the time. MrsS is right, the clemence leather probably stretches out more to make the handles more loose.