Birkin 35 Togo Paris

  1. hi hermes lovers,

    i am looking for a birkin bag or 2 birkin bags for my mom, she has been looking for one for quite a long time, she is really2 hardworking and got no free time to search for a birkin...and the price in my country is about us$ 10,000 for birkin 35 in togo leather.

    Me and my dad really wanna do something special on her bday =) as a token of appreciation of what she has done for we have decided to surprise her for her upcoming bday, we are trying to get 2 birkins for my mom. I will be going to paris this 26th of jan - 3rd of feb and it will be my 1st birkin buying, is there anyway i can get even 1 birkin in paris? any shop and any colors as long as its size 35 and togo leather?

    i have been hearing stories bout how unpleasant the hermes services are, and i am scared if i fail to get the bag. i am asking for a favour here if any of you ladies happens to knows any SA at any of paris boutiques that can help me to get the bags. My mom would love a colorful birkin, please ladies i am sure with all your knowledge and your collections of bags, somebody must have known someone...

    if you want to share the info with me, please do pm me anytime. Thank you for your kind attention and i hope somehow miracle happens and i can get at least 1 bag for my mom. Thank you once again hope to hear from u very soon.
  2. Hello! I just PMed you back. For some reason the 35cm are a little harder to get. Whenever I go to Paris there seems to be more of a selection with 30cm. It's really impossible to tell if they will have a 35cm in Togo. Just go to each store everyday because you just never know what they will get and when. Have a fabulous trip.
  3. DOn't be afraid of the service in the H store, it's usually amazing in my experience.
  4. Also, don't be embarrassed to visit the same store at different times of the day... you never know when a shipment comes in! The mantra is: persistence prevails! Your mom will get her birkins!