Birkin 35...Longchamp...and International/UK Travel

  1. Questions for recent and frequent travellers...

    British Airways indicates a carry-on must be within 45x35x16 cm...a Birkin 35 is 35x28x18 cm... Is this within "tolerance"? Is a Birkin 35 "okay" as a carry-on? On BA? I would love to take her with me to Europe this fall and I do not want to check her...

    Next, I was looking at the Longchamp website after reviewing other threads. Does anyone use Longchamp to "tote" their 35 cm Birkin? Is the large tote the best size? The website indicates it is 45x35x23 cm. The next size down seems to fit a 30 cm Birkin, but not a 35 (and now I am "over" the carry-on limits to a greater degree). And...(sorry, lots of questions today)...are the short handle or long handle totes "better" in terms of folding?

    Thanks all! I am looking forward to hearing from travelling H fans...shopmom got me thinking...
  2. Hahha this is really funny. I did use the largest longchamp to tote my 30cm birkin one time. It was real funny (my mom thought I was insane and "too much"!!) :biggrin: But hello, I wouldnt wanna scratch up the birkin when I stow it in the overhead cabin! I think there is no problem to fit a 35cm into the largest longchamp.
    The 35cm birkin should have no problems for travel as well!
  3. SoCal, I have the largest Longchamp too (with the long handles because I like to keep my hands free), which I was using for transalatantic travel as a carry-on until the new restrictions. The 35 Birkin should just fit for BA hand baggage. If you want to take along the Longchamp to protect it in-flight, you could put the folded Longchamp into your 35 (because it folds into a wee thing) and take it out once you're past either the security checkpoint or, safer still, on the plane.

    [Edit] I find that the handles don't get in the way of folding the actual Longchamp tote, though the long ones may peek out a little from the top of your 35 birkin.
  4. re Birkin 35, you should have no problem taking it as a handcarry piece of luggage. But you will be forced to stow it away in the overhead compartment, whether you like it or not.

    Note that for international travel now, ladies are only permitted to carry a handbag, and a piece of hand luggage. And you must have have in them lipsticks, and any sort of bottled things like creams, water etc.
  5. Thanks all! So my birkin will be going to Madrid with me then!

    Still undecided about the Longchamp... Are they sold in the US? I seem to recall seeing them at Bloomingdales at one time...hmmm... I have a black Gucci fold up tote from a few years ago that might also work...
  6. SoCal, there are two Longchamp boutiques in the US, one in New York and one in San Francisco. I have seen the totes at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Saks. You can also order a custom Pilage tote on the Longchamp website.
  7. Thanks, Diana!
  8. Baggiegirl:

    Don't buy a Pliage tote from an Ebay seller, you will pay way more than it is worth. If you go to you will see an option to locate retail stores. There are several shops in Norway that sell Longchamp totes, I am sure you can find one that you can visit or will ship to you.
  9. Thanks for the info! I will call the nearest store tomorrow. Funny I did not notice all the countries at first, my browser does not show the website as it should be. Tried another one and wow! They do have stores in Norway :smile:

    :heart: baggiegirl
  10. Gals, I TOTALLY use Longchamp tote to put my 30 cm in..and it's perfect I mean the bottom of the long handle biggest tote (I've seen) them make- is liek exactly the size of a Birkin 30's bottom!! I have one in every color!!!.. however I can't put the 35s in there... really annoying.. looking for the perfect Birkin cover tote if anyone has any clues let me know.
    And re: Longchamp prices they sell them in every duty free shop I've seen for aprox 70 -90 bucks or so... and are SUPER practical because they protect your birkin bag but are still atractive and elegant and the fact you can put it up on your shoulder.. it's like having a shoulder birkin! ( but without being long and heavy:graucho: I'll try to post the name of this staionary store on madison avenue that carries them. For all you who can't get one where you are.. they have a good selection and they're really nice. and I bet they'll take a long distance order... when I find the name of it i'll post it, for the NY'ers in this forum.. it's up on 80 something and madison ave. on the west side of the street. It's a stationary store but they have bags too and all the cool French stationary things like ClaireFontaine notebooks and those cute Jordi Labanda acessories etc...
    ok. I'll stry to get the name of the store.
    'later! :heart:
  11. Lucy...would love to hear if you ever find the perfect "tote" for your 35...
  12. A little update,
    I've checked with the stores in Norway, and they are willing to ship to my location. But get this, the bags are so :censor: expensive in Norway, I will actually save about 25 $ buying it from eBay Store - designer: denim, jeans, shoes and that's including 30 $ in shipping&handling....

    So I guess I'll just by it off ebay then. But medium or large? Any thoughts? (sad to say I don't have a Birkin to put in there :crybaby:)

    :heart: baggiegirl
  13. Its called VENTURE it is on madison ave between 85th and 86th on the west side of the street....
  14. Traceyd, Thanks I forgot to follow up!! You're right! grt Stat. store! So, has anyone answered the question: What bag to use for the 35 cm Birkin? That long handle Longchamp will NOT fit ( comfortably anything bigger than a HAC 32)