Birkin 35 in lime green avaliable in SF boutique

  1. My hubby got offered a birkin 35 in lime green today in SF and he passed knowing I dont like green. He didnt ask for the details ( He was just there to buy me a H enamel bangle)

    Hope one lucky gal here will grab her.
  2. omg! from the store that has nothing!
  3. Wow! Hope a tPFer got lucky!
  4. OMG!!!!! The store-that-has-nothing.......had SOMETHING!!!!!! Bloody Hell!!!!
  5. but its lime green................. why couldn't they get tie dye or something???????
  6. Ermm. I am not 100% sure of the color but that's what my husband's description is. The SA was just really sweet to offer it but my hubby didnt ask anything abt it.

    You might want to go there to take a look yourself. Since I think they never say anything is avaliable when you ask over the phone. Go there first thing tomorrow and good luck. :heart:
  7. thanks jes! it sounds like vert anis.
  8. I put this in the Hermes Shopping Inventory section but wanted to share this as well. Dropped by the store this afternoon and was shocked to see on the shelves:

    potiron 32 HAC chamonix around $7500
    etoupe 25 kelly togo around $5950
    rose dragee kelly flat swift (didn't get the price)

    didn't even notice the hardware as i in was state of shocked/disbelief that they had kellys and a birkin out.

    per the sa, they recd their inventory yesterday.
  9. I can see Shopmom working a tie-dye Birkin.........................and rolling her, ahem, scarf hems.
  10. Wow have the prices gone up that much? Bought a Kelly 25 in togo last fall for only $4475. Is this one sellier?
  11. LOL! :p
  12. Actually my friend always get her birkin without SO in SF, and she told me her potiron birkin was on shelf:nuts: when she got it , so I think the store has something sometimes:yes:
  13. ^ I think the stores that have nothing are the kind of stores that don't respect lists much and will sell to the first customer that walks in on it. That basically means you have to visit the store every other day in order to find something, or just be really lucky. I've come to realize that my Alaskan store is like that.
  14. I saw a Kelly 25cm for $5050 before tax last year even before price increase!!!!:wtf:
  15. vert cru???