birkin 35 in epsom, togo or clemence?

  1. Hello everyone!

    My next purchase would be a birkin 35 black but in which leather?? Can I have you opinion on the 3 of them??

    I heard that with the togo leather, the bag with time, will loose its shape? Does someone have one for several years? How does it look now??

    On the contrary, they told me that with the epsom leather, the bag keeps its shape forever.

    Help! Please!!

  2. ^^ Try searching in the Ref Library..
  3. Hey Marie,
    I have a Togo 30cm for around 4 years now and yes, it softened considerably. The front flap of the Birkin now flops onto the the back one instead of being able to stand up stiff on its own like it used to when it was new. However, it still holds it shape really well.

    I also own a Togo 35cm and tried on a Clemence 35cm and I find that even when the Birkin is brand new, the base of the Clemence Birkin tends to 'spread' out more than a Togo one. I'm assuming it's because Clemence is a heavier/softer leather and hence it tends to slouch more.

    As for Epsom, it no doubt holds it shape the best of these 3 leathers. Like the other leathers, it also does soften a little over time (but not as much), so it doesn't look as "cardboard" stiff as it does when it was new. However, a problem wth Epsom I find, is that because it is not as supple, creases tend to develop at the sides/areas where the leather is being 'bent' and I also find the corners of this leather more susceptible to wear.
    I still love mine nonetheless, but I'd suggest getting Togo/Clemence leather for easier maintainence. ;)

    Hope this helps. :flowers:

  4. Thank you some much for the info and share your experience with me!!
  5. I have the epsom and love it because it keeps it's shape. It is very rigid at the start. Though I was told that the clemence (bull calf leather) is easier to repair. I have seen a few togo (i think that this is by far the most popular leather) and they had "bat wings" with age. Also the epsom is lighter in weight than clemence. I would chose the clemence in the smaller 30" or the new Lindy. Though just to confuse you more I saw the most beautiful Birkin in goat skin - they colours are really vibrant. It really is a personal choice.
  6. Glad I could help Marie2008
  7. I'm new to H and not sure which leather I should choose.

    I want a 35 in either black, etoupe, gris t or a blue grey. All with palladium hardware.

    I am deciding between Togo, Clemence, and Espom

    I have been looking at the reference library but still cannot decide.

    Thoughts? Pros? Cons?

    Also, this would be my only B.
  8. ^ Personally and from my experience with all three leathers, TOGO would be my top choice. Although I have a few bags in this leather, I am not a big fan of epsom leather (over time, I've realized I don't love how it looks and feels.)

    Clemence is lovely but it does tend to get soft over time (not that I have a problem with this) so that might be an issue in the long term for others.

  9. About Togo, do veins start appearing with use or is it dependent on the type of leather and present at first?
  10. ^ You'll see the veins immediately, they won't show up or appear over time.
  11. Epsom for SLGs only IMO. My preference is clemence. I love the grains and feel.

    I have an epsom constance long wallet and it has softened over the past couple of years. But it doesn't show wear.

    Epson cannot be repaired/touched up as well.
  12. Fjord is a wonderful option as well, if you can get it.
  13. +1 for goat skin the most beautiful, light weight, keep shape and easy to repair leather
  14. i just got my birkin 2 weeks ago, i had a black epsom 35 phw,
    Epsom is very light weight, i haven't had it for long, but i did hear that this type leather may show wear more than Togo and can't be refurbished like Togo/Box.
    But this Epsom is very rigid and I love the look of the rigid structure.
    Also, maybe think of a smaller size so that won't slouch as much as 35. Togo looks very nice but does slouch a bit
  15. I have a used Epsom, a new Epsom birkin and a new Togo birkin. The used Epsom is softer than the new Epsom. I am worried about creasing the new Epsom when I carry it because it hits my leg. The Togo is softer and more comfortable to carry since you don't have to worry about creasing it. However, the Epsom leather holds its shape very well. I love them all! Lol