Birkin 35 "Elbow?"

  1. I'm obviously a new Birkin 35 owner - just a few days now. Let me preface this by saying that I'm totally in love:love: with my bag.:love: But, I find that it tends to get a little heavy when filled to capacity and carried around for long periods of time. Am I just a weakling :shame: or do others with Togo/Clemence/Box Birkins feel this way? Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to it. Before the big B, I'd been carrying my ultra-light Speedy 30 around.
    How do you carry your bag? What are your experiences with carrying it for many hours at a time? I find that it starts out on my elbow then moves from arm to arm to balance after awhile. BUT, it's so darn practical and can hold my life!!
    Do you guys take your bags on trips?

    Before children, I was big into weight lifting and was quite strong. Well, now I do workout but have taken a break from using weights. Maybe I need to break out the free weights again? Do you think that would help? LOL!

  2. I find a considerable difference in weight between my clemence and box birkin, the box one is def lighter imo. Mine are 30cms, so of course they are smaller than yours. Even if I fill up mine to the full I can still manage the weight w/o feeling uncomfortable. I usually carry my birkin slightly higher from my crook of arm or I just carry them by the handles.

    I took my thalassa box birkin last time to the UK and USA. I just got it, and didnt want to part with it, so I took it with me. I also took my khaki graffiti speedy to alternate with the birkin. The birkin made it home safely in one piece, I had a blast wearing it everywhere.
  3. Yes, I have the same problem. After a while, I just hand it over to DH and have him carry it. The Kelly is also not that practical. I have it today and have to use a separate tote for all the other "necessary" stuff that I can't put in there for fear of misshaping it.
    But I do love it!
  4. Thanks! I'm sure I'd be fine with the 30 and I do want one. But the 35 size is so great for me right now. If I get another, it will probably be in box or Chevre.
  5. That is also why I have thought about but dismissed mostly the 35, as the 30 in togo is heavy enough! I think as a bag/tote it's just what it is and I do understand what you're saying. I find this with my kelly that it's a little "uncomfortable" to carry for longer periods because I cannot carry it further up my arm - it must be carried in the hand (otherwise the handle digs)...I think it's good to share these little things though so others will know next birkin will be chevre - the lighter the better IMO!
  6. i'm taking mine out today for the first time. i'll let you know later.
  7. I've heard about this phenomenon in size 35cm. I tried on my friend's 35cm gold in togo and even though she only had very little things, it was quite heavy already. I think you just have to alternate between your left and right arms to handle this.

    I find my 32cm Kelly in chevre relatively lightweight compared to togo. I never really had problems with it, however, if I have lots of stuff in it, it could get heavy after carrying it for long periods of time. When this happens, I just carry it by the handle and its perfect!

    One thing I worry about is the handle getting dirty after years of carrying it, especially in summer when we don't use gloves. Has anyone experienced this yet? Maybe I should use a pochette scarf when carrying it by the handle in spring/summer.
  8. You know, I just remember, when I first got my box birkin, I remember thinking: wow, this one's so light (compare with my clemence). You can def feel the weight difference for the different leathers. I think for my next birkin, I'll stick to box or chamonix, or even try a chevre. I like chevre in kelly, I wonder if I'd like it in birkin too.
  9. Is chamonix lightweight? I love this leather in natural color and potiron.
  10. Hello Greentea. Welcome to the real world of birkin toters. :biggrin: Yes, it becomes very heavy, particularly if you have to carry it for a long period of time while shopping for example. BUT doesn't it look great!!:lol: And isn't that all that matters??? :biggrin: :yes: :biggrin:

    You're can store everything in it. AND that is why I don't mind carrying it at all. Oh, and I lift weights so, no, that doesn't help either (it might help some but I don't know how much). What I try to do is to remove any heavy items (i.e., makeup bag, heavy wallet, etc.) before going out so that it becomes lighter in weight. Another thing that I do, particularly when it becomes really heavy (especially after filling it up with small shopping bags etc.) is to carry it like a tote instead of on the forearm. That helps a lot.

    But after all the shopping and all the pain, I sit myself on the couch, pick up my feet, rest my heavy arms, and have my DH bring me a nice glass of wine. :biggrin: I still call it a good day.:heart:

    You'll get used to it....:biggrin:
  11. Chevre Birkins are great and always my first choice. I think I'd like a black 30 chevre next time!

    LOL - I feel a part of the Birkin club, now. And I agree that carrying it like a tote really helps. Nothing will stop me from carrying this bag!

  12. Good question La Van, I'm wondering the same too. I was informed that it's similar to box but have a different finish (matte, velvety look). I take it that it's suppose to weight similar to box. I saw the most gorgeous rouge h chamonix birkin before on eBay, but sadly, it wasnt meant to be mine. Another lucky lady got it :noworry:

    I wonder if it's still being produced..
  13. Love this response Ivette!:lol:
  14. I remember a thread on this board that explain how Jane Birkin traded her Birkin for a Scottish Scorran bag to save her "tendonitis" (or is it "tendinitis"?) because of carrying her bag around. I found it amusing...
  15. I remember that, too. She must've overstuffed it but I could see how that could happen over time.