Birkin 35 cm in Clemence/Togo & Carrying a Laptop

  1. Dear TPFers -

    I would be curious to know if any of you carry a laptop and wires in your 35cm Birkins? I think my husband would be very excited by my moving from just buying 30cm birkins to the 35cm model if it could carry all my work kit including my computer.:p:yahoo: However, as a fan of the more supple leathers and as a bag lover in general, I am worried that the weight of a laptop could damage or distort my bag? I would love to hear your opinions on this matter. With Many thanks!:smile:
  2. I have a small, very light laptop which fits into my 35cm togo perfectly.
    No damage or distortion to my bag....I've been using this bag for work quite a lot recently, and have been packing it full of papers etc with no trouble at all. Hope that helps....oh, and this was my first Hermes post!
  3. ^ welcome!

    For ME, anything more than my daily essentials in a Birkin 35cm is too heavy.
    Another option is the gorgeous Whitebus tote!
  4. Laptop is 13.3 inches. Birkin is 40cm. More than enough room and Chevre is sturdy enough....but too afraid of damage.
  5. I sure hope so!
    I'm getting my Birkin 35 in a couple of months and plan on using it to replace my current work bag. The dimensions are a good fit for that - the 30 is more of a 'purse'. I'm not too worried - these bags are meant to be workhorses. I think it'll be perfect for a laptop, files, makeup and snacks.
  6. I personally wouldn't use it...unless its an emergency or everyonce and awhile.

    I put my laptop in a seperate protected bag.
  7. There's a similar thread on this subject, if you search using the word "laptop" I'm sure you'll find it.
    If you have a very small and lightweight laptop and don't carry much else, then I think you might be OK. I put a small Sony Vaio in my 35 clemence without a problem but do not use it as such on a regular basis. It will be heavy to carry though.
    I like Greentea's whitebus idea.
  8. I appreciate your answers guys - and have taken on board the heaviness comments! I'd be interested to find out what a Whitebus is??? though the birkin 35cm is still top of the wishlist for 08!!!!
  9. The whitebus is a very understated, plain, structured tote with a flat outer pocket. It has no visible hardware on the outside. I have only seen it in box leather (have not seen it in textured leathers like togo or clemence). It comes in several sizes and a more vertical shape. It would look great for work if you want Hermes but will definitely be under the radar as it is not easily identifiable as H unless you are already familar with it. Which might be what you want or maybe not...
    I have a photo of a very small one in the H reference thread under H styles.
  10. The whitebus-
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  11. I asked my SA about this and she said no no no laptop in your birkins!
  12. ^Why? It will stretch handles?
    Warm up the leather too much when it is put away?