Birkin, 32 HAC vs. 35

  1. Hello, everyone,

    I am new here and am very happy to join you ladies. I am wondering which one will look fitting me better as I have 30 already and wish a bigger 1. I am 5'2.

    Thanks very much for your opinion in advance.:heart:
  2. Welcome to the PF!!! That is such a tough question which many of us struggle with! I don't have a birkin YET, but I can tell you that I have tried on a 30, a 32cm HAC and a 35cm. From what I have experienced, and from what I have heard from many of our members here, the 32cm HAC is the perfect size IF IF IF you are ok with a handheld bag. Because of its shorter handles, you have to be comfortable with that style. Also, the 32cm HAC is deep, so it can be a pro or a con depending on your needs!

    With the 35cm, I loved the size when I tried it on, and the only concern I have is the weight. Some say it is no big deal (hell, I am used to schlepping around a Paddy and a MJ Blake) while others say it is very cumbersome in a 35cm especially in leathers such as Fjord, Togo and Clemence. So really, the best is if you can go try it on for size to see which size/combo works best for you! But if you are ok with a little weight, then maybe the 35cm is the way to go!

    Good luck with your decision!!!
  3. Thanks for your reply,

    I did not know the handle of 32HAC is shorter. Do you know how much difference is there between them in handles?
  4. I don't have a 35 (I did try it on at the store though) but own a 32cm HAC. I know many people on here prefer the shape of the Birkin but I like the HAC better because it is taller. I also like the fact that it is deeper and, because I don't like to close my bags, I feel that the contents of my bag are a little safer in a HAC.

    Handles on a HAC are shorter than on a Birkin but it doesn't bother at all as I rarely carry my bags on the crook of my arm (but it am able to fit it on if I wanted to).


    IMO, 32cm HAC is a perfect size bag.
  5. Irene, every time I see that HAC of yours, I GO NUTS! You just rock that bag!
  6. Jag, thank you!!!:kiss::flowers::love:
  7. Jag said it all perfectly. Unfortunately, it is very hard to pick the perfect size between these 3 without trying them on and without taking into account your personal preferences.

    For your height, all have their pros and cons. If you like the look of a slightly larger looking bag and you can get past the weight, you would be fine with the 35. The size of the 32 is IMO a perfect way to get a larger bag that "looks" more proportionate, but here you have to be okay with the handles - it can easily be carried over the forearm without a coat on, so if you live somewhere you don't wear heavier layers, you should be fine with it as well.

    Hope you find your perfect choice!
  8. ^ total ditto! Keep us posted on which you choose!
  9. H_addict: I'm with Jag on this.

    I LOVE you with that Fuschia HAC. It looks absolutely amazing on you!!!:heart: :heart:
  10. It also depends on the leather. If you get an HAC in a less structured leather it looks quite different than let's say and HAC in Chevre de Coromandel.

    I find the 32cm in a less structured leather to be the perfect fit for me (I'm 5'5"). I love the 35cm Birkin in a more structured leather like box or CdC.

    I really think the leather makes a difference.
  11. Guylian, I'll measure the 30cm and the 32cm handles for you and take some comparison pics right back...
  12. Welcome!!! Everyone already said it best but I'd just agree to try on if you can. I really didn't realize just how heavy a 35 in togo was til I held one! :yes: But totally worth the weight!
  13. Just goes to show you how different personal perceptions are. I prefer the 32 HAC in structured leathers only (Fjord and Chevre particularly) and the 35 only in non-structured leathers like Clemence and Togo, which provide some slouch to make it appear smaller.

    Your height and how you prefer your bag to look play the biggest part in determining your perfect size, so that's going to be different for everyone.:smile:
  14. Great point!!!