Birkin 30cm and 35cm

  1. Hi ladies..

    I need your help!!!! anyone owns birkin 30 and 35??? i want to know how it looks like compared to eachother and held by the same person??

    Is the 30 more practical?? is the 35 looks big like a bag a person would normally carry for a long trip?? any thoughts??:hysteric:

    pictures are NEEDED!! thank you in advance!:flowers:
  2. 35 is the one more practical, for work, shopping & daily bag. Whereas 30, is more for dinner, lunches or etc. 35 doesn't look too big & it's not really used only for long trips. As I said, you can use it as a daily bag. IMO, I won't be carrying a birkin 35 for long trips. Garden Party is better for long trips.
  3. Hey pinkish! There are TONS of threads on this issue - if you do a search you'll get more info. than you could possibly want. Good luck!! :smile:
  4. thanks alot.. i searched and i found very helpful threads :flowers:

    Now all i want is if any of the tPF owns both Birkin 30 and 35 and can take a picture wearing them both.. that would be really nice..

    anyone?? :girlsigh:
  5. Maybe we need a "pics carrying/wearing your Hermes" sticky! Members could post pics with scarves, bags, etc.
  6. Well, I only have a 32cm HAC and I find for my height and body shape this bag is the perfect size. When I tried on the 30cm regular Birkin vs the 35cm, I found the 30 worked better for me. I'm 5'3" and 110#. HTH!!!
  7. 30cm is more of a handbag and 35cm is more of a tote IMO. If you are a big bag girl, then you would feel comfortable carrying a 35 as a day bag. I prefer the 30cm as a daily bag. I don't have to carry around that much so it works for me. If I was going to be out all day and wanted to carry a sweater, water etc. then I would carry the 35cm.
  8. I am 5' only and I use a 35 for work. I hope to get a 30 for going out (shopping, dinner, etc).
  9. It would be great if members posted pics of themselves wearing their bags for reference and post them in the Members Items Reference thread. Would love that!!!
  10. I should of done my homework before jumping into a 35cm. I find it really big. I'm 5' 8" and when I carry it, it seems to 'hide' me. Don't get me wrong, I do L O V E it, but my next one will definitely be 30cm.
  11. That would be great! I am also wonder about that because I am still not sure what size would be the perfect Birkin for me. I thought of 30 maybe the right size for me then when I see celebs and other members with their 35, it makes me wonder. But someone said earlier that 30 more like a hand carry bag and 35 more lite tote, that makes sense to me. I guess it just what look best on you and you have to look on the purpose and function of the bag when you have to choose. Having said that seeing the two bags being carried would be great for the comparision how the look for both bags on a person.:smile:
  12. Oh my goodness. I am only 5'2" so maybe the 30 is the perfect one for me! :lol:

    Anyone know about the Fjord (I think that's the name) leather on the Birkin or maybe has one to show it? Which one is better, togo or FJord?
  13. Fjord is a heavier leather than Togo. It's lovely though!!!
  14. \

    5'3" 110 # HISS HISS HISS!
  15. I feel all the info that has been written above is excellent.

    I want to add one my H boutique, two SA's both told me I would be lost in a 35 due to my height. I am 5' 1" by the way. I don't really listen to people... I do purchase what I like. Since I have never seen the two sizes in person I have to listen to others and their comments.

    So, I do listen to these SA's because they see many women of all sizes and these birkins in their hands all the time. They have to have some idea. BUT, you don't have to listen.