Birkin 30 vs 35

  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a 30 cm birkin in black or a 35 cm in etoupe . I am thoroughly confused as the black is a more wearable color than etoupe . Although I know I will use etoupe a lot too . I am just not sure as to if 30 is too small . Please advise .
  2. Congratulations on having a good dilemma. I'm 5'6" and prefer 30s. I have a black B 30 and a Jypsiere in etoupe. I find etoupe to be a great neutral and year round. Although I use my black in summer, I tend to not use it as much as my other color bags. Only you and your wardrobe can decide. I would totally add a B30 in etoupe to my collection once I am able to get others higher up on my wish list.

    Good luck!
  3. What h you own currently?
    Both b what specs?
  4. I currently own an orange 35 b .
  5. As a big fan of 35 I started to love 30 too! it's lighter and big enough! But really depends on you and how you see yourself with a smaller bag. Black in 30 more elegant etoupe in 35 very casual bag but still a classic. I own a 35 in etoupe and I used it a lot.

    You won't be wrong with both. :P
  6. My personal opinion is that etoupe is the more wearable color, but I prefer the 30 size.
  7. I am 5' 6' and LOVE the 30 size though do also own 35s...the 30 is great for day to night and fits plenty!
  8. 30 only for me! I am 5'7' for reference... Tried size 35 and felt like it was carrying me.
  9. Will they let you buy both?? ;)

    They are totally different looks. Depends on what you want to use the bag for. I have both sizes. I use my etain 30 for going out for dinner because you can definitely dress up with a 30. And I use my gold 35 during the day, like going out for brunch/lunch, shopping etc.

    It's a great dilemma to have and I wish you all the best with your decision :smile:
  10. I agree it's a great dilemma to have!!! I have a Rouge garrance 30cm Birkin and definitely prefer the 30 to the 35. I am barely 5 ' 3" so 35 seemed too big. It all depends on your personal preference...wardrobe etc...
    Can't go wrong with either one!
  11. I prefer 30. I am 5' 5". 30 is much lighter and black to me is year round classic color.
  12. What leather is each bag in?
  13. They are both in Togo .
  14. 30 black. Is the perfect bag. I find the 35 a bit too big for easy everyday. It is not a good look for dinner and or going out. Just too much of it. The 35 LOOKS super chic but it is a big bag to lug around. If you are in your car, get out and go into lunch or work and then get back into the car and then home. Maybe. Walking and shopping etc it's a pain IMO
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  15. I would get the B30 in black because you have a B35 already. Then you would have a choice of which size to carry. My 2 cents.