Birkin 30 vs 35

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  1. The 35B in etoupe may look more casual in that size and leather, and you already have an orange 35B, so I would go with the 30B in black.
  2. 30 please👍
  3. Both are very wearable colors. I would go by the size you'd prefer. Do you like your B35? If you never thought it's too big, then you should stay with B35. But if you sometimes wish it'd be lighter, then give B30 a try. Plenty of us use B30 as a handbag rather than a tote, and find its size and weight are more manageable.
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    Both are great choices for a Birkin, I wish you could get both! If possible I would suggest going into boutique and seeing both pick the one that makes your heart happy! Already owning Orange B 35 I would chose Black 30... Black goes with everything and is a true classic that you can use for any occasion....
  5. Take the Black B30!
  6. Thanks a lot lovelies for your input . I truly appreciate your advice . I think I will pick up the black .