Birkin 30 Togo or 35 Epsom in orange??

  1. I've been waitlisted for orange for almost a year and I got an email from my SA yesterday, they just received a

    30 in togo or 35 in Epsom...both in gold hardware

    I would 100% get it if is 35 /30 togo with silver hardware...

    So far I only have 2 birkin, white JPG and a BJ 35 with silver hardware.

    I really want another birkin now ( since my birthday is coming in 2 months time).... and I haven't been shopping at hermes since last year Oct...

    I am 5'4" , will a 30 too small for me? I used to have a 30 in rouge garance epsom, and not sure is it the leather is " too hard" or the size, I found it is not very convenience to take things out from the bag..

    Not sure will togo improve the situation....

    Which one should I pick?
  2. I would say neither since it's silver h/w you really want. :heart:
  3. I agree with Rose! The hardware can really make all the difference on a bag! Hold out for the bag you really want!

    And for what it's worth, I think a 30cm would be lovely on you!
  4. ^^Agree! Wait for ph as you have your heart set on this. However, for what it's worth, I find gold togo with gold hw simply stunning! I prefer it slightly more than with ph.

    Wrt 30cm, I don't find it hard to get things from it (mine's not epsom tho) but I wear mine loose ie. with the flaps unbuckled, just hanging in the breeze, so the "mouth" of the bag is wide open all the time.
  5. 35 epsom birkin will look quite big since epsom is kind of rigid and structured leather. I would go for 30 togo, I think it will look good on you. Plus I like vivid colors on smaller sized bags
  6. well silver is always my first choice but I guess I am open to gold as well since i dont have any neg feeling towards gold hardward....

    But I agree with you all, I should wait for the best combination.. I already turned down 4 birkin this year... I feel really bad about it...

    I just requested a photo of the birkin so I could actually look at see how it is like. maybe I will like it....who knows... hehehe

    But i am really neg about epsom.. I hate that leather.. so easy to scratch.. and hard like cardboard...
  7. don't feel bad about turning down birkins! they are expensive and it's worth the wait :biggrin:

    epsom is very rigid and it can be scratched. my epsom birkin has softened some over time, but i love the fact that it's rigid.

    but, i won't show my birkin your post cos she might have hurt feelings :sad:

    good luck with your decision though! :flowers:
  8. I'm very happy with my orange togo but I agree that the hardware is very important.....hold out for exactly what you want.
  9. I just made a few phone calls to other store and i just uncovered they all received some orange birkin a week or so.. and some is gold hardward in togo... but all sold out.. now..
  10. For a bag, between the togo and the epsom, I would definitely pick the togo.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think colors a bit more vibrant in togo...

    (Also where I live, in the reseller market, togo definitely commands a higher price than epsom).

    I agree with the previous postings indicating that 30 would be a good size for you.
  11. 30 togo without a doubt, I'm not an epsom fan. and gold hw?!? *fainting...* that's exactly what I've been looking for. Grab it girl!!
  12. I believe 30cm is a perfect size for birkin
  13. ChloeSS, the ladies are right about the makes a big difference and you should get what you prefer.

    As to epsom vs togo....the togo is both souple and yet it holds it's shape. It might be the way to go if these are your two choices. I have a Birkin 30 in togo and it holds it's shape nicely.

    You are an average height lady so you can wear any size birkin , in my opinion. I'm just slightly taller....I can wear anything. The question is, what feels right to you? Have you played with a 30cm? or a 35? There is a big big diffence in size between these two.

    A 35 looks great on me but, to me, it is huge....I feel like I would run into everyone I meet with this size bag. On the other hand ( or arm ) the 30 Birkin is average size...kind of small to some, perfect to others.

    The 32 HAC IMO is the perfect size, but that was not one of your options. :smile:
  14. I would wait, because I am not an epsom fan, and because I prefer 35 over 30.
  15. I say wait too. The right bag will come and I'm sure your SA would understand.

    I'm around your height and I love 30cm on me. It could be the leather of that RG birkin that you're not comfortable with.