birkin 30 raisin in box

  1. I made a special order for a birkin 30 raisin in box with palladium hardware.:yahoo:
    I can't wait to get at least 9 month :crybaby:

    I was thinking of getting a brown one, but couldn't resist to raisin.

    What do you think?
  2. I think wowza!!!!!
  3. I love raisin, it's going to be gorgeous!!
  4. Raisin!!
  5. Good choice!!!
  6. Can't wait to see it:nuts: Aren't you just so excited??

    Great choice!
  7. Yea for you. :yahoo: I really love the color Raisin and it is especially beautiful in box.
  8. Can't wait for pics!!
  9. Yummy!! ^^^ me too!
  10. Can't get much better than raisin in box! 9 months isn't that bad either!!!
  11. Great choice! Raisin looks best in box, IMO.
  12. Sounds yummy!
  13. Raisin sounds wonderful!!
  14. WOW! It's like getting pregnant and waiting 9 months for the new baby! We are all here waiting with you! Congrats on the SO!
  15. Raisin in Box is heavenly! Great choice!