birkin 30 or 35 on asian women


Feb 21, 2006
I wanna know if the ladies from asia prefer 30 or 35 for their birkins. I am still unsure whether to get 30 or 35. I started looking at the thread on "asian celebs and their birkins" and 30 seem alright but then i start wondering again if 35 is better. Have tried both and still undecided. Help!
Another thing, will a bj birkin look fine with a 40year old woman? I am choosing between bj and gold. Does the color of gold in togo and clemence differ? I saw a gold in clemence and it didn't do anything for me. Would the togo look different?


Nov 17, 2006
i would say 35. 30 seems a bit too small ( i am asian too).

BJ is gorgeous and I am not a fan of gold at all. Hermes does colors so well that I would go for a nice shade instead of gold which is easy to find in other brands.

May 6, 2007
35 is heavy holds alot if you need it
30 much lighter but more of a spacious handbag
if you are short the 35 can look like a suitcase
Oct 29, 2006
Hi Welcome!

I found 35 too big for me. I always go for 30. I am 5'3" and about 100 lbs.

Definitely BJ is gorgoues, however I am not a big fan of any blue shades (although I do have a BJ picotin). Depends on what you wear, but between Gold or BJ, I would go for a gold Birkin. On the other hand, have you considered Etoupe as well? Etoupe is a very neutral color too! and I loveeeee this color. :tup:


Jan 30, 2006
I am in the same situation as you. I am 5'3 and asian. I am actually wondering if i should get a birkin in 30 or 35. 35 is quite popular in manila. Re: color. I am choosing between black or gold with GH. BJ sounds lovely. Thinking if maybe etoupe is nice BUT it doesn't seem to look good on my skin tone.


Aug 27, 2006
I am asian, 5'4" and around 105 lbs...I have the 35 size and use it more for work as it is such a spacious bag. I put everything but the kitchen sink in it and it still has space for my lunch. I would like to get a 30 for the weekends when I don't need to carry so much.
Oct 25, 2006
If you are petite, then a 30, definitely.
As for color, I think BJ is much younger, but it depends on your style. I agree with catabie, you can find a gold tone in other bags, but H colors are the best.
Feb 18, 2008
30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 !! I have one 35 that is coming soon....that was ordered for work. I am 5'2", not particularly skinny though!! I find the weight of the 35 is too much for me...unless I have something more than a PBJ sandwich in there! Seriously, for work, 35 is great. For a handbag, 30 all the way. 25s are too small for me. As for color, I think the BJ is great!! H makes the most lovely colored leathers. I am not a fan of H makes me look even more yellow than I already am!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE etoupe. It is even making me warm up to PH! Can you believe that? :nuts:


Mar 16, 2008
How tall are you? I'm 5'2 - I prefer 30 and don't think I'll ever get another 35.
I find that the proportions of a 30 work better with my frame, particularly when I'm dressed for the hot climate in my home country (bare arms and legs). I find that when I'm all covered up with a coat and boots, 35 looks less "oversized", so I use that mainly when I travel to cooler climes.
35 is more useful for travelling - for toting around all the extra stuff I wouldn't carry with me when I'm at home (like guidebooks/maps, plus a bottle of water, foldable umbrella etc. which I would just leave in my car at home).
Oh, and when you need to have your hands free, 30 slips easily into a lightweight foldable tote/ shopping bag for carrying on your shoulder. :smile:


That Yummy Orange
Jul 15, 2007
New York City
I am 5'3 and have both 30cm BJ birkin as well as a 35cm gold birkin. I like to take my 30cm out just on any day while the 35cm just sits in a closet. I used my 35cm for traveling, 35cm just seems too much bag for me!:shame:
May 6, 2007
Jacobee: you posted re 30 or 35 on asian women but I while I know that on average asian women are petite I think the issues boil down to 2 main factors for any woman 1)what are your daily needs in a bag and 2)what is your actual size--height and weight. if you care about how it suits your frame. a 35 is a big bag that can overwhelm a smaller person. a 30 is by no means tiny either. its a very generous carry all but a 35 birkin is real TOTE whereas the 30 is a cross between hand bag and a tote. most people i know prefer the 30. its lighter and less cumbersome but if you are a working woman going to a from work carrying a lot of stuff and setting the bag down onec you are at your workplace then a 35 might do.


May 22, 2007
I'm 5'10", and I do love my 30 birkin. I use it as the weekend bag, no matter jeans or dresses, it's a perfect bag for me. So I will go for 30.:yes: