Birkin 30 Officier Which One should I keep?


May 30, 2014
Coincidentally, I received the two exact same offers - the bleu encre/Bordeaux in November 2018 and the Gold/Ambre in January this year!

Of the two, I definitely prefer the Gold/Ambre, but like someone else said, it really depends on what you already have in your collection and find useful - for example since you own a Gold B already, this one might be a bit redundant? (I say this as someone with a relatively small H collection - of course if you have a massive collection then even a slight variation might be more appealing to you!)


Sep 7, 2015
I don't see why you should not keep both.
All they have in common is that they are both examples of the Officier variant.
FWIW two of the nicer examples I've seen.

You answer comes from how well they go with your wardrobe and lifestyle and only you know that.
I hope your post is not intended to present an opportunity for someone to take one of them off your hands.


Sep 15, 2014
Please mistake me if I am wrong , but the gold B looks like a 25cm B , is this the picture of your bag ? or only a reference picture ?

I think that a B 25 officer gold/amber combo is cute in size 25 , but a bit too much in size 30 . Gold is an all time fav color , but I got bored with it , every where I turn my head here in Doha, Qatar I see girls with birkins in gold , etain , etoupe or black .

so I think that the Birkin 30 Officier in Blue Encre/ Bordeaux is more appealing to me :amuse: , the combo of colors is so sporty . This was on my wish list in size 25 .

As every one said , there is no harm in keeping both :P . If that is not going to heart your wallet :sleepy:. Keep them both if you really love them and they spark joy . You don't know maybe in a couple of years the officer bags will be in command and everyone is looking to score one , and there you are with 2 bags :angel:


IG: quadruple_ec
Mar 7, 2014
You’re so lucky, I’ve been eyeing this kind of bag for a while now, and you’ve got two! I honestly would take either one of them, but since I’m missing a brown bag in my collection, I prefer the gold. But like everybody is saying, if you like them both, why not keep them? :graucho: