Birkin 30: New Turquoise or Izmir?

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  1. Can anybody help me to decide between New Turquoise and Blue Izmir for a Birkin 30 in Clemence? Is GHW for both options.
  2. I go for bi
    More interesting n chameleon
    Matches ghw very well
    I find new turquoise very dull
  3. Thank you bagidiotic, I've been waiting for a Izmir for a while and my SA offered me a New Turquoise today, same leather and HW, I should make a quick decision and it's so difficult! I found NW somehow more "candy" color than Izmir.
  4. I'd choose BI personally as I find the New Turq to be lacking a little something.
  5. I think Blue Izmir is gorgeous as it changes color. It is a greenish blue-- I have it in a Bearn wallet in Epsom and I love it. I don't have a comparison of the two colors for you but I will try to compare it to a few other blues that I have. (I love blue!)
  6. Here is comparison of a Blue Izmir Bearn wallet in Epsom on a Blue Electric Ulysses notebook next to my Blue Jean Evelyne. HTH! Sorry if photo is large...

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  7. Both sound amazing. Have u seen the IRL yet?? Here's Honhon's BI Clemence for u...
  8. I am biased. I like the turquoise a lot! It looks stunning in the sun! BI is a tad darker but not that much!
  9. If you prefer teal, BI would be the one. T is a bright blue without green undertone.
  10. I would go for the Turquoise since you already have something in Blue Izmir. Congrats !
  11. Really? I perceived T as too bright for my taste.
  12. Thank you ohManolo for your photo, great blue comparison, very helpful.
  13. I know IFlava, both are gorgeous and very similar, that's why it's so difficult to decide. If only I could see both of them together!
  14. Do you mean the new T, xiangxiang? The new one seems to have more teal but once again they are hard to tell apart.
  15. Yes, it definitely has teal tone and it's bright but not too bright. I personally really like it. With GHW, it's very very pretty!