Birkin 30 leather

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  1. Hi ladies. I’ve been offered and purchased a SO Birkin 30 in etain with gris asphalt interior and piping in epsom leather with PHW. It is my first Birkin and I’m debating whether to keep it or not. I have my Kelly and Constance in epsom, but I always inclined to have a Birkin in togo or chevre because of durability. I understand that I was very lucky to get my hands on a HSS so that’s why I’m torn, but at the same time I just plan to own one Birkin so would like to get the one that will hold better over time. Thank you for your insights
  2. If you prefer Togo I’d say get Togo, doesn’t matter if you got a HSS, just because it’s “rarer” or “special” doesn’t mean it’s the better bag for you - or even a better bag in general.

    Edit: or Chevre :smile:
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  3. Do you have any HSS bags? If not I would seriously consider this offer. It's a great neutral combo and Epsom makes 30 stays in shape. Not ideal but again, it's quite special.
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  4. If you are always going to wish it was Togo or Chevre, I would take it back and get a bag you will love forever. Doesn’t matter that it’s special if it isn’t what you want. I personally don’t prefer Epsom for birkins so I understand what you are saying.
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  5. Love this combo! I would keep it!
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  6. I would not get epsom birkin. I have one and I do not like the way it has aged. Epsom is great for K sellier or C but I don't prefer it for B.
    MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer togo or chevre...
    Stick with your gutt... you can never go wrong.
    Good luck dear and let us know what you decide.
  7. I don’t have any HSS so I was surprised that I even got one. I originally wanted B30 Gris Asphalt Togo w GHW but actually like the etain with PHW too, just not sure about the leather in terms of durability and corner wear.
  8. Thank you for the help! I love chevre, but I think that you can only get it with a SO or through a reseller.

    What in particular don’t you like on the epsom over time?
  9. Did you already buy it? If you return it, I think the rule is (I know I will be corrected swiftly if I am wrong) that you cannot use the store credit for another birkin/bag.
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  10. You are correct about chevre (regarding availablity) but those leathers are my favorite and much better options for birkin. Epsom is too much like cardboard in Birkin. If it gets scratched, you really can't fix it the way you can other leatehrs. Also, the corners have started to droop. The bag is stiff though, it's just the corners have fallen. Looks weird. I do love th eway Epsom takes color and it is light weight. I just will never get another birkin in Epsom. Period.
  11. I was also offered a SO Bag in the past and I also did not have one. I did not like anything about the bag other than it being an HSS Kelly. My tip is follow your gut; if you truly love it then get it. My mistake was getting it because it was an SO. I did not like the colors, leather, and size, yet I still took it because of the HSS. Follow your gut instinct, your time for an SO will come :smile:
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  12. OP already bought it. It states so in her first post.
  13. If you have doubts you should return it. And wait for the right bag. I have epsom B30 in rose confetti and I don't have any issue with it. It's as good as new and I don't particularly baby it.
  14. GA is almost impossible at the store right now. Unless it's an HSS or shows up really late for stores's 2018 stock. If someone knows how to get GA I would be really tempted.
  15. Stores have GA in novillo this year. I recently was offered a B25 and I saw a GA B30 in novillo on the forum.