Birkin 30 in gold - swift or clemence?

  1. Dear Hermes lovers,

    Any experience with Birkin in Swift?
    I am planning to place a SO: Birkin 30 in Swift or Clemence.
    I already have a Birkin 30 in Clemence and a 35 in Togo ( I prefer the Clemence in 30 - it holds everything I need and I find it much lighter).
    I never saw the swift, so would like to hear your opinions.
    Thank you in advance, any input is much appreciated.

  2. I think swift is a pretty newly introduced leather. It's lightweight with very smooth texture and semi shining finish. It's not easy to get scratched, of course cannot be as low maintenance as togo. I have a 32 orange kelly in swift, I like it a lot. :smile:
  3. I think you should get it in Swift !

    Its a lovely soft leather, I think you will love it :heart: :heart:
  4. Isn't Swift liken to be "matte box calf", but softer? So it can get scratched easily too? But with tender, loving care, it should be alright.

    I would choose swift over clemence.
  5. Dear All,

    Thank you! This is pretty much what I think - the 30 bag in swift will be more interesting, specially since I don't have a bag in a smooth leather.
    My Trim is in Barenia/Crinoline and I absolutely love Barenia, but as I understand the Swift is totally different leather.

    I've heard that colors look a little different in a swift, since this leather has a special quality to absorb the dye; and that the gold in swift leather is not the same color as in clemence for example.
    Is anybody familiar with a gold/natural in swift - is it lighter or darker than gold in Clemence?

    Thank you again,

  6. Is swift generally the same price as togo? Does it develop a patina like box?
  7. I think swift cost slightly more than the togo by $200-300 .
    I have the orange in swift and it really brings out the color especially under sunlight.