Birkin 30 Black Togo with Palladium hardware

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  1. Hi

    I saw a lot of valuable information in the Hermes Shopping Thread that some kind tpfers have painstakingly collated

    Unfortunately, i don't have time to look through everything... so i am hoping that someone might be kind enough to tell me what i need to know here

    I might be going to Paris soon.. and would like to drop by an Hermes store. I am keen on the Birkin 30 Black Togo with Palladium hardware.
    I am very certain i won't find it on the shelves.

    Will Hermes take an advance order for such a bag?
    Will they even take advance orders from someone who has never bought Hermes before?
    What';s the usual waiting period for this bag>
    Will Hermes ship when the bag has arrived?
    How much will this bag cost in France and the States?

    Thanks a lot!

    If someone has a pic of this bag, i would appreciate a post or two as well.. so i am sure it's the bag i am thinking of! Thanks!

    I am also considering this bag in a leather that has textured in a criss-crossed way.. like the prada saffiano leather (if anyone knows what i am talking about).. does anyone know what is this leather called? Thanks!
  2. Epsom.
  3. I can't seem to find a solo shot of mine, but here's a photo of it with my SLG rainbow spilling out:


    I was lucky enough to find this beauty waiting for me in George V on a random walk-in while enjoying a day trip in Paris, so there is always a chance. As to whether or not they will allow you to put your name on the list, it depends- I have been told that it will be opening again in Feb, but I did not hear when. Wait times vary enormously, and I believe H will ship bags to customers, but I'm not entirely certain on this one. Can't remember the exact price since there've been several price hikes since I got mine in April '08, but I believe around €6500?

    If you are in FSH, they have a black 30 in Epsom for "trying on" (i.e., not for sale) so you can see this style- I was so heartbroken when I wasn't able to buy it! However, I am much happier with my Togo bag since it's a lot floppier and this suits my style better. Epsom is much more rigid and hard than Togo, so bear this in mind if you are ordering to make sure you don't end up disappointed if you choose the wrong skin on your order!

    Good luck in Paris, and make sure to come back and tell us how you got on!
  4. Thanks iffah and anez

    Love your bag, anez.. the black is so black

    i think the epsom sounds more structured but it may look a bit too businesslike

    hmm.. but on the other hand, i am not sure if i want my bag too floppy

    Would they have samples of the leather for you to have a feel?

    i am soooo excited..

    i was complaining to a colleague about all the chanels i have fallen out of love with.. and she said, sell your chanels and buy a birkin..

    and today the idea came to me.. why not??

  5. The black is blacker one some bags than others, but they will definitely have different types of leathers around that you can look at/feel- however, they probably won't be Birkins, but you can get an excellent idea of leathers/colours this way, much better than you can from a swatch.

    I have seen some very structured Togo bags, and I think it has a lot to do with the way you store them. I deliberately keep mine empty and upright so it has a little flop to it, but if you store it with the air cushions inside and on its back, I think you can retain the stiffness much better.
  6. Good luck Mave, that is also my dream birkin!
  7. Lovely picture anez!

    I think the price is 5900 euros:smile: 6400 euros for a 40.
  8. Sorry to be a little O/T - but couldn't resist - this picture is amazing! (Is it already posting as H as art thread?) Illustrates beautifully how lovely this bag is, and that a 30cm holds a fair amount too! Great post anez and good luck in Paris mave.
  9. If you are willing to pay a premium, there is a high chance of getting your desired bag in Tokyo in Hermes itself, with even a variety of leathers and colours to choose from
  10. Mave, good luck! I feel there's no harm in asking the SA when you're there, keep us posted! Enjoy Paris!!
  11. sorry.. i am a complete hermes noob

    thus, my questions might seem silly to some..

    just wondering.. what's the difference between etoupe leather and togo leather.. it looks rather similar.. except from anez's pic, it seems the togo is softer and thinner.. and tends to become floppy more.. texture looks similar

    how does this prebooking system work as well? Cos they can't tell you exactly when ur bag is arriving right? Do you only pay when the bag is ready?

    thank you to everyone for answering my questions so far, and your patience ! :smile:
  12. Hi there mave. Welcome to the H (orange) side. :smile:

    It's understandable that H seems overwhelming to a newbie with all the different leather, colour, hardware, sizes etc and what nots etc. Notwithstanding, the sub-forum here contains a plethora of information that is truly invaluable and contributed over time by members. All available at your finger tips just by searching and reading through. Many of us here went through the same steps, yes, it might take a little time to plough through but I can assure you it's totally worth your while to do so.

    First step, you may want to look at this thread which would allow you to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of leather that H offers and find out which one of these is suitable to your needs and likes.

    Next, this thread holds the gateway to the rest of the information you would require to start the first step towards your dream bag.

    And after that, if you still have questions/queries, many of us here would be more than happy to walk you through the excitement/confusion/delight/headache of having fallen down the orange slippery slope.
  13. I love the picture.
  14. ok.. i have spent 30mins ploughing thru the wealth of information

    there's so much i am confused.. :P

    i will personally go into my local hermes with togged out in head-to-toe chanel (since i don't have anything Hermes) so that the snotty staff (from the accounts i have read) will be less rude to me ( ifeel like rolling my own eyes.. haha).. to have a look at the leather and colours

    but just wondering.. could anyone familiar with the waiting process pls advise how long would one normally have to wait for an epsom/togo black birkin with palladium hardware? For a noob i mean

    I am talking abt 30cm.. i usually just have a small brolly, a rolled up and compact yoga outfit, wallet, cellular, makeup pouch and sometimes a paperback.. will the bag be enough? I have too many bags that are similar in size to the 35

    Thanks a lot!