Birkin 30 / 25 colours


Oct 14, 2011
Hey ladies!!! So I’m thinking of adding another bag to my collection. I’ve 4 questions!

1. What size would you recommend. B30 or B25.

2. In the reds and pinks section, I am looking at Rouge Garance GHW B30 or a Rose Jaipur PHW B30. Both in clemance and R stamps. I’ve been offered those two in a trade for my Kelly 32 clemance N stamp. I have a Rouge Casque sellier already. What do you think of those colour combos. Too similar? Too bright? Lmk.

3. In the neutral sections, I’m thinking of buying a Gris T GHW Togo or Black GHW Togo. Do you recommend any other colours!

4. Also. In general, what do you think of leathers like clemance for B30 and swift for B25. Is it too heavy for the clemance and do the swift / clemance bags lose it’s integrity and shape quickly?

Many thanks!