Birkin 25cm in Green

  1. Thinking of getting the 25cm birkin in green - any opinions. I am 5ft 2in and thought this would be a nice bag that I could even take it out for dinners.
  2. What color green were you thinking? What leather? I would think the 25cm would be great for your size.
  3. The Olive Green - Not sure about the leather
  4. Great colour! And I think it would be super for you!
  5. love green!!!!! in any shade!!
  6. I love olive! It will be my next order. And NinjaSue has a couple of 25s that look terrific on her (although she is a tad shorter than you). Go for it!
  7. Lovely!! I have only seen Vert Olive in one Birkin so far, a 40cm giant, but it was stunning.
  8. How difficult is it to find the 25cm size in the US? Um, specifically in fuschia chevre? I understand that size is popular in Asia, but alas, I am in the US where big bags reign! r2d2ob1, vert olive sounds gorgeous not just for evenings but for everyday use; if you get one you must post pics for me to drool over!
  9. Thanks for all the emails. I saw one on a lady in Argentina about 2 years ago and then made a beeline to the store - they had the black without the waiting list but I think my heart got set on the olive. My husband knows somebody who has promised to get it from Paris. I live in Vegas and the store here is too snooty. I hope I can get it from Paris. Any suggestions on the leather?
  10. I have one in vert anis togo and it is a wonderful bag for evening. I have used it during the day as well. Just need to pare down what you are carrying.
  11. When the Wall Street store first opened in New York I am pretty sure they had that exact bag.
  12. What are the chances it's still there?:nuts:
  13. Well, probably slim to none but it can't hurt to call and ask! Where are you located? If you're roughly in the area I am sure they would be happy to be on the lookout for one for you if they don't have it. The only 25 I have noticed at Wall St recently was white swift, but Madison Ave had a gold 25cm Birkin last week (can't remember the leather).
    So I guess what I'm saying is that 25s are out there to be had! :tup:
  14. Thanks, Cynthia! Unfortunately, I live far away from Wall in Texas. And no I never make it to Houston or Dallas. The closest I get to H is in Vegas where I understand they put out a 25cm Birkin the week after I visited. Thanks for the encouragement; I will call the Wall Street store just in case that fuschia chevre is still there...