Birkin 25 color decision

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  1. OK, I thought to create new thread as the colors I wanted have changed. Mods, please let me know if this is not allowed.
    I dropped by some reseller stores earlier and managed to see in person the rouge pivione with ghw Birkin 25! I love the color but thinking if it would be too similar to my K20 Rose lipstick..
    Then I realised that they have B25 Veau Jonathan Gold with GHW! They also have Beton with RGHW but this is lighter than Gris T so I don't think I will consider.
    B25 Veau Jonathan Gold with GHW or B25 Togo Rouge Pivione with GHW ?? Which do you prefer and why?
    Appreciate your inputs everyone.
  2. Gold hands down
    Such amazing universal color to use any day any where
    One of the top color for hermes till today
    All the best
  3. Gold is a classic Hermes universal use anytime anywhere colour.
    Nonetheless, you are the only person that knows your taste and your wardrobe to judge which is the most suitable.
  4. Gold is eternal, a classic H colour it is timelessly chic and so versatile.
  5. Not too familiar with that Jonathan leather but I'd pick gold hands down. Gold B is my most used bag in my collection. It is the ultimate neutral and I absolutely love it!!! I do love RP color but between the two I pick Gold no question (Gold over beton as well).
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  6. There is your answer
  7. Gold all the way!
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  8. Gold, the color is classic which can be worn with everything. Dress it up with a Twilly or dress it down without it.
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  9. Gold for me, not familar with the leather tho. Don’t think RP is similar to RL, if YOU love pinks and reds go with your heart and take the RP
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  10. I'd go with Gold. I use my Gold K most of the time because the color is just so easy to match and blend. Not flashy at all, but very classy, perfect for day to night transition too. :heart:
  11. Thank you all for your feedback. I finally got my birkin 25! :heart: I really wanted to get Gold because it's so classic and so popular. I went to see the color and it's really not for me. So.. I bought what I like instead of getting a neutral (which was my initial choice). Thank you again for giving me all your suggestions, really appreciate it.
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  12. Congrats. Follow your heart and you will never regret.

    I passed black birkin and gold birkin, got the color I really love and I enjoy every moment with it. :smile:
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  13. I think we r same. We love colors!!! :smile:)))
  14. I had to merge your 2 threads as they are about the same would-be bag. Unfortunately, your polls seemed to have cancelled each other out. If you still need the poll please DM me and let me know which colours you need, how to word it and I'll add. TY
  15. Thank u so much and it’s ok about the polls. :smile:
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