Birkhead is the father!

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  1. 99.99% certain from DNA that Larry is the father!
  2. Good for him, now I want him to get HIS baby away from that crazy Howard J. Stern.
  3. I never had any doubt he was the father. The baby looks just like him. Besides I don't think Anna actually had vaginal sex with Howard if at all. That is why he tried so hard to prolong the DNA test.
  4. it was sooo obvious! she looks exactely like him. i'm happy she will at least know who her father is & i hope he gets custody!
  5. I just wish that this would be the end, but Anna's mother is going to try to get custody (according to CNN).
  6. Hopefully he will be a good father
  7. I knew it-the kid looks just like him and I also never believed that Anna and Howard ever had sex! Plus the fact that Birkhead has been insisting on this since the baby was born-it's not like he just came out of the woodwork when Anna died!

    i hope he gets the baby
  8. I knew it was him too!!! Comparing recent pics of D-lynn and Birkhead, they look very alike. Good for him, I hope he takes good care of her!
  9. I hope he makes Dannilynn the priority in his life!
  10. I KNEW Birkhead was that baby's daddy! Now can someone please rescue that little girl before she becomes Stern's next victim?
  11. glad its finally over done with. I know every is agains howward. I felt although very unlikely I really wanted Howard to be the dad. he has loved anna for so long, and is the only person who stuck by her from the start to end. poor howard.
  12. I knew it! I just read this on people and had to come and see if there was a thread on it yet! I knew it YAY!
  13. I knew it too! I hope Larry will be a good dad.
  14. I just knew it from the beginning as well. Shame on Anna Nicole and Howard for trying to keep this baby away from her father.

    I hope the baby ends up having something of a normal life. Peggy
  15. I feel bad for Howard, but I'm glad this tug-of-war is over.

    Hopefully he'll get visitation as an uncle, or something.

    (If they didn't give Virgie her way about the burial, there is no way they'd consider custody.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.