birkenstocks...painful at first...

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  1. i just got my first pair of birkenstock bostons and lets just say they arent quite comfy...i know your supposed to "break" them in but..

    im also not quite sure they look good on me so im having doubts if i should keep or return them..

    does anyone have any tips?
  2. Yes, they're not comfy at first...THey're incredibly stiff. It takes a few times to it to start molding to your foot and for the cork to start bending.

    I love birks, have worn them all of my life (being German and all...) and continue to wear them.

    May I ask what style of birks you bought?
  3. Wear them in the house for an hour or two every day. They will mold to your foot and become very comfortable.
    As for looks, don't expect to look dainty or sexy in Birkenstocks. They make your feet look big and they aren't the most flattering shoe, but the comfort will make them worthwhile. I prefer them for casual wear, never dress.
  4. I think I'm one of the few people who think Birkenstocks are sexy! :graucho: I love seeing guys wearing the two strap ones!

    They'll take a few weeks for them to get soft and comfy, but it's well worth it. I can wear mine all day without any discomfort.
  5. I gave up on Birkenstocks because my poor feet got wrecked by them
  6. That is so true, they make my feet looks like giant clown feet. Lols, but i'm so in :love: with my Birkies because they are just so comfy. I already own 3 pairs and am still looking for more cute ones.
  7. i bought the boston style
  8. oh my god, birkenstocks are like the ergonomic easy chair of shoes. or something. lol. i have flat feet and so it's hard for me to find shoes that don't hurt my feet after long walks or periods of standing up, but my birks keep me feeling energetic no matter what. personally ive never been a fan of the boston (i feel like they look like potatoes)...i like the more delicate looking sandal designs. (i have a pair of balis, but they're wearing out..will go for either gizeh, cozumel or isis next. although after having seen the prices in germany compared to here, i almost want to just wait until the next time i go there to pick some up.) anyway, if you're looking for comfort, i say just wait...soon you'll never want to take them off.
  9. I tried birkenstocks because I have problems with shoes and I taught. I tried them for a week, then tossed them and bought a pair of Dansko.

    I live in Dansko now.
  10. It really depends on your feet as to which of the comfort brands (i.e. Birkenstock, Dansko, Born, Clarks, Sofft, etc.) will feel best. Birks are great for people with wider feet, although they do make narrows, as well.

    I've tried Dansko, but overall they are too narrow and constricting for my feet. Birkenstocks are perfect for me (I can walk all day in a brand new pair and feel fabulous), but I have friends who cannot wear them.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that no one else can judge whether Birkenstocks are right for you. You can try wearing them for a limited amount of time and hope they break in, but for some people they will never feel right.

    As for looks, I agree they aren't sexy, but no one buys them for formal wear anyway! They are great, cute, comfortable and casual shoes for most people.