Birkenstock help please?

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  1. My daughter I have never owned Birkenstocks. We both like the Madrid style and ordered a pair each from Zappo's. They were huge! Please help Birkenstock wearers... do they run almost two sizes bigger than other shoes? thanks in advance for any guidance.
  2. They come in narrow and regular/wide. Is the width the problem? I have to wear the narrow. If the foot is filled in, it's narrow, if not, it's reg/wide. Other than that I find them true to size (I wear 7.5 American, 38 in Birks).
  3. ^^same here. Its great you ordered from Zappos you should be able to exchange them without a problem. The width I wear is regular/wide because I wear socks with the closed toe in the winter.
  4. Thanks ladies,
    I returned and placed a new order but went down one size each. The return was really easy.
  5. I normally buy a size smaller in birkenstocks than my normal size. I was advised to do this by the sales assistant. I hope everythng goes well with your next arrival of birkenstocks. I love mine, they are so comfy.
  6. I have never had a problem with them running large. I am a size 10 and buy a size 40 (which is equivalent to a 10) and they fit fine.