Birhtdays gone wild

  1. Yahoo! News had this interesting article about birthdays for kids and one-upmanship among kids and parents.

    Being the parent of an elementary school kid I can understand the lengths that some parents go to to make sure that their 7-year-old's party is better than anyone elses.

    Parents turn against birthdays gone wild - Yahoo! News
  2. Birthday parties, I can understand. When parents start getting like that about their child's First Communion, then I don't get it.

    In a certain part of New York, parents went all out on their children's First Communion dresses. In one church, the priest had enough so he said that all the children had to wear identical white robes.

    And a cousin of mine said that in her church last week, the priest said that nobody is allowed to hire limos.

    My question is, isn't that missing the whole point of a First Communion?
  3. That is human nature- everyone wants to do better, be bigger, have more than the next.
  4. But it is ridiculous in my opinion.
  5. Wait, I understand parents want to throw their child a lavish birthday party, but it shouldn't be based on how much it'll show up all the other parents.

    They should throw the party to celebrate the child's birthday and that's all.
  6. Yes. And believe it or not, the Quinceanera is also supposed to be a religious ceremony, and while there is still a mass, that religious aspect has almost universally taken a back seat to the huge party, one that many families go into debt to throw.

    I don't really like the trend with birthday parties either. It's really worse than the Communion/Confirmation/Quinceanera, since birthdays come every year, and each year there will be expectations that the party will be more extravagant than the last!

    It is perfectly possible to have fabulous parties to celebrate all of these events without running up huge credit card bills, taking out loans, or spending money that could be put aside for the child's education, even a wedding or down payment for a first home, depending on the family's means.

    In fact, the best bashes I have been to were catered and decorated and "event planned" by extended family and close friends, and that is who the whole thing is supposed to be for, anyway.

    It's about a milestone, a rite of passage in the life of a young person, and the festivities are for that young person and the people who love them, not about making a statement directed to the community at large that the family has a bigger bank balance - or a higher limit on the VISA card - than the family down the street whose party was last week.

    End of rant, though I could go on...
  7. When our sons were growing up, they had a few parties, but certainly not every year, and it was stuff like bowling and pizza or Chuck-E-Cheese (:yucky: ). How much of a treat is it if kids are getting lavish events every year?
  8. All of the younger kids in my family have birthdays in the summer. The only party they want is a pool party at grandma and grandad's. They invite friends over, play in the pool, have cake & ice cream, and that's it. They seem pretty content and I hope it lasts!
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  12. Thanks for posting the birthday party link. I am emailing it to my sister. She is one of THOSE moms.

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