Birds With Mites

  1. I have four lovebirds and I am becoming more and more certain that one of them has mites. He is developing bald spots around his neck and head and a little weird patch on his beak. I haven't noticed him scratching excessively and the other three birds are perfectly normal but I don't know what else it could be. What is the best course of action? Reviews of store bought sprays seem to be mixed about whether they actually work or not. I will clean their cage and wipe all of the perches down but what else can I do and what can I do to prevent them from coming back??

    My best guess is that they were brought in by mice (that got into their last bag of food) out here at work but I really have no idea. They are kept in my office and there are no other animals in the building. I wash their cage bottoms occasionally outside but I do not leave them out there so I don't think they would have been brought in that way.