"Birds on a Branch" necklace - pic

  1. I love this necklace for a couple of reasons ..... it's unusal and I love birds. I don't know if you can notice it in this pic but there is a pretty little pearl in the nest. What do you think of it? I only wish it were in silver or white gold. I'm really not a yellow gold fan.
    Alex Monroe - $175
    Actually, this is 22k gold-plated sterlling silver. Why didn't they just leave it silver.:confused1:
  2. Here are some more of Alex Monroe's designs.
    flower and leaf necklace - $530

    hummingbird hoops - $130

    leaf hoops - $145

    calla lily earings - $145

    tiny bird earings - $112
  3. Cute! :heart:
  4. Very cute! I agree though silver would have been my preference.
  5. How about this one? Kimberly Baker available at Nordstroms.com. Its $128. I've been thinking about getting it.

  6. The first necklace and calla lily earring are gorgeous, but I agree with you about yellow gold (ick)!
  7. This necklace is lovely!
  8. LOVE those! Where can you buy them?
  9. it's adorable!! i love all these, esp that calla lily!
  10. I love these & the leaf hoops:[​IMG]
  11. I love these!

  12. I love the flower and leaf necklace!