Bird video...

  1. The end was sooooo funny! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I saw this at work today, it´s soooo cute! Look at his little feet!
  3. I love this! My little sister sings to her bird and he dances along. Its soo adorable!
  4. LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!:love: This is so cute! I love the end!
  5. :lol: that's so cute
  6. Can I just say that video *made* my day Deb? Seriously that's so cute. Love things like this :yes:
  7. Things like this always put a smile on my face,thanks for posting.
  8. OMG that's HILARIOUS! My cat got overexcited and she was just staring at the screen in disbelief, preparing to "jump" on the bird... :lol: Thanks for the video, it was hilarious!!! :nuts: