Bird lovers unite!

  1. this is the place for people who currently own birds, love birds, or have stories to tell about birds to meet up and share their fascination with these animals!
    If you have a pet bird, this is definitely the place to post your pictures!
    (it was about time for me to start this thread, hence my name, bvBIRDYgirl!)
  2. heres a story that happened not too long ago:
    one weekend i was at a boat marina, and i saw this adorable little sparrow hopping along the ground. I approached it, just out of curiosity, and then i saw that it couldnt fly. I bent down to grab him to see what was wrong. he hopped away very quickly, so i began calmly chasing it. eventually, i was able to place my sweater on him to get him. He had a broken wing. so i took him home and put him in my auxilary cage. then i took him to the rescued bird shelter in my neighborhood (i feel so lucky that we are fortunate enough to have a free clinic for injured birds!), they took care of him, and i am now a registered bird rescuer! yay!
  3. I have a couple of birds, one is a Cockatiel named Samantha, and I also have a parrot named Polly, who has a "husband" and has had at least ten children. They're both really adorable.

    One time when I was at my friend's house upstate, and we were walking her big Golden Retriever, and all of a sudden, she began pulling really hard on the leash, and we realized she was trying to catch this tiny bird who was obviously hurt. My friend held onto her dog while her brother ran to the house to get a shoebox and some paper towels. When he turned, we managed to get the little bird inside the box. We have cut a hole in the top of the box and inserted a severed head of a small racket into the hole. We cut some grass and made the little guy a nest, and we filled a little bottle cap with water for him. My friend's brother gathered some insects and we crumbled some bread. We spent the next day and a half taking care of him, and finally, we released him on the corner of her block, and he hopped away, I'm sure he was glad he wasn't eaten by my friend's dog. :p
  4. ^^^ awwww. how cute! i love saving birds!
  5. i have another one:
    again, at our boat marina, there was an adorable little budgie hopping among the rocks. my dad spotted him, and then noticed a cat was after it, so my father ran as fast as he could, and grabbed the bird before he was mauled by a cat, then, we put him in a paper bag. then gave him to our neighbors, because they had a birdcage, and they wanted a pet bird. sadly, after many "found bird" ads, nobody claimed him, so our neighbors kept him, and he married my budgie :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. I have 2 tiels named Sunny and Sweetie. I adopted Sweetie brom the pet store since her (actually its a he but oh well) previous owner was severly allergic. there 'he' was, a super lovable tiel alone and scared in the noisy bird room. i brought my other tiel in to meet him and they seemed to not mind each other too much, so i adopted sweetie right then and there. i love my birds, theyre such great little companions!!
  7. ^^ i know! theyre very intelligent animals, and they have so much personality!
  8. Hi all!

    I'm a definite bird-lover... I got my 1st lovebird when I was 8, and was hooked!

    I'm currently w/o a lovey-lovebird.... my last baby passed away last year on my bday after a bout of illness.. he was 9yrs old. His name was Hale-Bopp, after the comet that was in the sky when we brought him home.

    I've finally got to the point where I'm ready for a new baby, so I've been drifting in and out of pet shops...hoo! They've gone up in price a little!

    Here's a pix of me & my sweetie before his soul flew away...

  9. ^^ awww how cute!!!
    sorry about your baby. my first bird died recently as well...
  10. I have a cockatiel too, Sammie! I love him!
    I also have a bird feeder at my country house and it's the busiest bird feeder I have ever seen! all day long, bluebirds & what look like baby blue birds, cardinals and so many other little cute ones that I don't know the names of come by! their so beautiful.. some have vibrant yellow crests, some are this beautiful pale grey ..and they come all day....sometimes huge crows come and scare all the birds away...there's so many dynamics coming on its amazing!

    I sit by the window and watch them with my toy poodle Miki and it just DH is says Miki just wants to eat them!!

    i never thought bird feeeding would be so much fun! now i'm so into it..i buy them special food or i'll put out things i think they'll like, like baked tostito's corn chips crunched up !and then i just went and bought them this new big condominium like bird feeder!! next i want to get a bird bath!

    they used to run away when i came out too but now its like they know me
    and they'll hop rite up to me sometimes it makes me feel like Snow White:p
  11. ^^ aww how cute!
  12. I have a jenday conure (parrot). Her name is Dooney (lol). She has quite the personality. I'll post a pic later- I'm at work. She has survived a near-death experience in the mouth of my Jack Russell terrier, so she is a toughie!

    We had been out of town & just arrived home. I let Dooney out (her wings are not clipped & she flies around the house). I didn't realize the dog was in as well. Dooney, the brave girl she is, dive-bombed at Riley (the dog) & he got her in his mouth.

    I was hysterical & screaming so my Mom rescued her from the dog's mouth. Luckily she was fine! We rushed her to the avian vet & he pronounced her fine- just a few minor contusions. My mom had a very large bruise from forcing the dog's mouth open though. It still amazes me that Riley didn't chew or bite her.

    We certainly learned to be very careful about letting the dogs in. Whenever Dooney sees a dog from her cage- she still fluffs up & would attack if she was let out. She used to dive at our old min-pin & the dog was scared of her!

    Dooney is such a lovey bird to me, though. She gives "kisses" and says a few things- pretty unusual for a conure, actually. She is not so fond of my hubby though. He is scared of her so she "bullies" him.

    I love birds!
  13. ^^what a wonderful story!
    my uncles parrot (dont remember what kind..) was attacked by a RACCOON!
    his wing was broken, and now he cant fly, but he is just as jolly as ever,
    and his other bird, a conure, was slashed in the face by the raccon attack victim a couple of years later!
    he needed a beak replacement and stiching, and he has to wear a little birdy halo!
  14. I always thought birds were so fragile but they have such a spirit to live!
  15. Here's my girl playing on the floor. She loves to play on the floor with my son.
    Dooney playing.JPG