Bird Flu

  1. I have a question is anyone worried about the bird flu? Taking any precautions? I have to admit I am a bit freaked out about it. There are alot of websites dedicated to the preparation of the bird flu hitting our country.
  2. I am worried too. We have talked about whether we could hole up here, but if it gets bad there would be little escape. Have thought about ordering Tamiflu but it is not certain it would have much effect.
  3. I work for the Justice Dept., and precautions are being implemented
  4. The government just released a report that said Local governments were going to be "on their own" and they should not expect federal governement help in the event of a pandemic.
    Thats not very comforting. :shocked:
  5. Bird flu is quite scary in my country. I used to see new cases after cases on TV everyday, but lately it has died down a lil bit.

    My grandma's birds and chickens are now gone. They were vaccinated, but we just dont want to take the chances of living near them.

    There was a case here where a security guy, whose boss was giving away his pet birds to be destroy, and he kept one of them. The next week he died of bird flu. There was also a case where a family of 5 lost the dad and their 2 daughters from bird flu. Strangely, the mother and oldest son survived. It was really sad that one, coz they all died within days from each other.

    This disease is really scary as it accelerates really fast from bad to really bad. It's like one doesn't have a chance at all, the virus eats you up real fast. I hope they're going to come with a vaccine real soon.
  6. Yes, I'm worried. When is it suppose to hit the country?
  7. I am terrified of the bird flu - It seems to me that it will come here and the only people who will have access to whatever is available are the big wigs in government, in hollywood and in big business - whoever knows someone who has helpful vaccine will get it, famous doctors will have it - My family thinks I'm nuts but that's how I feel. :shocked:
  8. I watched that show on Oprah and that doctor said it wasnt a matter of IF it was going to happen but rather WHEN! AHhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. You should watch that movie "the birds" the alfred hitchcock one....that was really scary too.:biggrin:
  10. I think it is a little scary... but what bothers me is the gov't and news stations keeps talking about the numbers of people who will be affected, how many could possibly die... but NO ONE is speaking out about various symptoms, exactly how it can be treated, or what will possibly be done. You see these horror stories on tv about what could happen to all of us but no one mentions exactly what happens to the individual. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing. Maybe I'm clueless, but none of the "new stations" are providing us with any real news about this issue. It's always the run-around. Ugh.
  11. It's constantly on the back of my mind. I'm not too informed though about it so I have to read up more about it.

  12. :huh: Thats ok when the SH*T goes down dont come knockin on my door for food and supplies!

  13. :oh: oh...You got food and supplies??? just dont feed the birds!!!:biggrin:
    When I come over...can I bring all my bags? I think it would be fun to stay at your house.....besides I dont eat much....actually, i've been told I eat like a "bird". :love: :love: :love:
  14. OMG, it terrifies me to think that the local governments will not receive any help from federal governments. I cant fathom what it will be like when it gets here.:sad:
  15. I hope I don't die before I aquire all the bags I want. LOL