Bird flew in the house...

  1. Anyone here superstitious?? About four weeks ago a crow was dead on the front lawn, it's beak was stuck into the ground I had a really hard time trying to gather it up. Two and a half weeks ago my husband uncle died in a car crash in Egypt killing him instantly. Today I was sitting here on the computer and a little tiny bird flew at the door. I thought it was outside but when I got up to see about it the little bird was on the floor next to me. My best girlfriend called a little later today and told me that her husband was told he has a malignant tumor on his lung. This year has been a trial for us and I would just like to say God Bless to all of you.
  2. wow how horrible!
    hope you have a better week next week.
  3. omg thats terrible... i hope things will lighten up for you guys...

    but in my homeland country when a bird enters your home, its good fortune..
  4. I guess I should add for the younger generation here that it is an old wifes tale that when a bird flies into the house someone is about to die. For me it's gone a step passed being an old wives tale though...
  5. Maybe I should move
  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope everything gets better for you.
  7. Wow, oh my gosh Chag! I hope you guys are doing better! I am sorry for everything that has happened. Sending you good vibes now. My family and I had a horrible week last week. First my sis got a bacteria in her stomach, and she had not gone to the doc it could have been worse he said-it could have killed her. Then a dog bit my hand, and I had to be in and out of the emergency room. Then on Sunday my dad, brother, and grandma were in a really horrible car accident. Now they're getting better. I hope you and yoour family have a better week.
  8. That's really horrible, I hope things get better for you.
  9. Wow, that is so horrible! I hope things get better!
  10. Huggss:heart: hope all is well with you and yours soon too
  11. So sorry to hear this. I hope the rest of the year is better for you!
  12. ...oh, so sorry to hear that...On my wedding morning, I went out to get the paper and there was a beautiful grey dove, dead on my sidewalk with it's wings spread out. Lemme tell you, I still can't get that vision out of my head but that was 12 years ago, so I hope that meant nothing! Here's to a better year to you and your family!
  13. Chag, I had a bird fly into my house and that same day I had bad luck, I got my property tax bill. Since we both live in CA I think you get what I mean. I hope things smooth out for you.
  14. :yucky: how horrible!
  15. I am so sorry to hear about your husbands passing. My thoughts and deepest sympathy to you and your family.