Birch Run Prime Outlet?

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  1. Do you think the Heritage Stripe purses will be there? Or are they too "fancy" for an outlet store? I'm patiently waiting too see if they come because I'll be all over them like white on rice when(or if) they do!
  2. Birch Run is the outlet I go to most often and I'd be really surprised if they get the Heritage Stripe bags. It seems like BR never gets the good stuff and, if/when they do, it must get snapped up instantly. I always get so jealous when everyone here talks about all of the great stuff they get at their outlets because BR never gets any of it.

    Have you tried the Coach outlet in Howell? I think they have a better selection.
  3. I think Howell does have a better selection even though BR is larger. I haven't been to BR in ages, but I haven't seen heritage stripe in Howell yet.
  4. Didn't know there was one in Howell.
  5. Sorry to butt in, but I just wanted to say I have seen the Heritage demis at the outlets before (in PA). No large ones, though, but you could call and check. They'll hold stuff for you if they have it. You can also get on a list, and they are supposed to call you when they get the item in. I've never been called, but I figure it's always worth a shot!!
  6. Thanks!
  7. I have not been to your outlet, but last month the outlet in MA had a couple of the white heritage stripe totes and wallets. I hope that you find what you want at your outlet!
  8. O thanks! My aunt lives in MA, maybe I'll give her a call =]
  9. If you haven't been to the Howell Coach outlet it really is a nice one. If you don't see any out just ask. Sometimes they have stuff in the back or under the counters and in the drawers. When I was there they kept bringing out stuff from the back. Good Luck! When I go there if I see any I'll post it on here. I'll probably go in the next week or so.