Birch Box Subscriptions, anyone have one?

  1. My husband suscribed me to this for over a year now and I am still loving it! I am a beauty junkie and I usually get one item that I've never heard of or have been wanting to try. Plus the samples are decently generous in size. Enjoy!
  2. This is my first month with Birchbox and I was not impressed!

    Ada Cosmetics bronzer sample
    The Balm Stainiac sample
    Jouer Lip Enhancer sample
    Harvey Prince Hello perfume sample
    Larabar roasted nut bar

    It all fits in the palm of my hand. I get better samples at the cosmetic counters. I've been looking at the YouTube reviews of the July box and there's full size Stila items, full size liner pens, mini nailpolish, etc.

    Maybe next month will be more than the samples my SA's throw in my bags when I purchase cosmetics :sad:
  3. They do about 20+ different boxes a month.
    Makeup posts the boxes when they find out about what's in the boxes.
    They also have a trade thread. Where members post things they dont want and trade with other members for things you want.
  4. Does anyone know if Camera was the Stila lip gloss color that people got, or were there other colors? I loved mine and of course my dog decided to eat it the first day. I tossed it without thinking to look at the name. I can't tell on the website because it's showing as a trio, also with no color names. :sad:

    I found Camera on Sephora, but the swatch it's showing doesn't look like what I received. Mine was a fabulous nude color.
  5. I got guava.
  6. I have to brag on Birchbox here. I haven't been super-pleased with my boxes until this past one, but their customer service was 2nd to none. Remember the sample I loved that the dog ate? They offered to send me a brand new one, but since it was out of stock, they gave me 200 points to my account. It wasn't damaged by their design - my silly dog ATE it. I'm going to stay with them, I think.
  7. I was researching on julep maven and just heard about birch box in a youtube video.
    Is everyone enjoying their birch boxes?
    what do you usually get in them?
    thx :smile:
  8. They're pretty hit or miss. I'm probably going to cancel mine after this one. I checked online to see what was in it and instead of the regular 6 samples I normally receive, there are 4 and I know I will dislike all but the nail polish.
  9. I believe they are still loading pics so there might be more!
  10. Pfft! I had been pleased with the items they chose to send to me up until now!
    I just received my Oct Goop birchbox and it's suppose to have one of 6 essie fall pick color nail polish. Instead, I received essie "fair game" which is from their resort collection in 2011!!! I did not join this service to receive their OLD inventory. :shucks:

    I emailed customer service about the mix-up but it just makes me suspicious of how old their other samples are. :wondering: ::sigh:: I really liked them too.

    Essie "Fall pick" colors, per Birchbox website:
    There are six gorgeous shades:
    carry on, a deep, vampy burgundy that dries to a high-gloss finish
    power clutch, an eye-catching, rich gray-green
    lady like, a sophisticated soft mauve
    master plan, a soft grey
    neo whimsical, a classic rose-plum
    size matters, a hot ruby red
  11. hm thats odd-I didnt get an essie at all
  12. Did you opt in for the Goop box instead of the regular October box?
  13. Not all the Goop boxes got a polish.
  14. I did not get a choice-I got whichever one they sent me.
  15. Customer service responded and blamed it on a mix-up from essie. They apologized and asked me to send them photos of the 2011 nail polish, so they can follow up with them.